2.7.2 - Feedback from casual player - including github


May 24, 2022
Wales UK
https://github.com/LoneGazebo/Community-Patch-DLL/issues/9262 - Raised a issue with frequent CTD with this version

Having crazy unhappiness issues its very unstable it can change over 10 turns from 40%-100% as detailed on Stalker0 Post, of course it could be my playstyle im open to feedback from that.

Standard Map Size, Chieftian, Standard Speed 16 Cities (3 puppets) went Progress,Fealty,Industry and finally Order - Happiness

Spoiler happiness :

At chieftian 101 - food/production distress a few turns ago this was 20 ill try and reproduce it but when your playing a game you seem to forget ;) (bugger ive just crashed again) opening science screen didnt even show it before ctd - raised the issue with github. As a casual player I shouldnt need to micromanage i understand that going wide can cause unhappiness issues. I have 403 population. 64 Religous unrest I think thats high

Spoiler Global :

Everyone around the world is annoyed haha!

Also the science normally im bulbing my way to information age and winning the game or won turns ago
Spoiler Science :

However im about to get a culture victory in the next 10 turns due to stadium building unless there is a global hegmony by Austria who has 1,000+ influence on a few im going to win ;)
Should Chieftian be this problematic?

I didnt have these sort of issues in 2.6 but did raise a previous gitbub months ago for the ctd on a previous version.
CTD on opening science screen is mostly due to Out of Memory, nothing you can really do about it, except maybe switch off the map yields icons.
I have now restarted the same map and have early game unhappiness issues gone traditon this time and sticking at 4 cities as expanding anymore would result in further unhappiness

Spoiler Unhappiness :
Unhappiness early game tradition.jpg

edit - spelling issue
AI believes my army is weak despite bieng 2nd on soliders on demographics, and ahead in tech ill screenshot next time sticking to 4 cities 105/10 100% happiness gone tall way out in front now its too easy :)
AI had lots of cannons which it retreated its left one side undefended is that a trap? Originally all those cannons and siege wall all around Kumbi Saleh

Spoiler AI whoopsi :
AI weirdness.jpg
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