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I'm not seeing Ancient Ruins at all (they are enabled, I double checked), and the name bubble for City States is buggy (and the menu gives me options for diplo marriage, even though I'm not Austria). Anyone else? (before I make a ticket)

I do have supersettler enabled.

maybe something goofy in assignstartingplots.lua?

Don't forget to update your UCS mod kids!
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Isn't AI building too many recon units?
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oh yeah I also had a screenshot of 4 greek pathfinders all lined up. forgot to post it tho
In multiple games i had the AI plant GPTI outside the workable radius of it's cities on top of bonus resources.
I never noticed this before, is this new or worth reporting as a bug?
I want to either resurrect the old thread or create a new one with thorough instructions on how to run under Linux / Apple. Anyone using MacOS to play? Just curious what problems you've possibly encountered and what you're using.
Did you just build it (empty queue, chopped forest)? It takes 1 turn to establish I think.
If it's the 4th tile, it's their capital and they have Tradition then it can make sense, but on top of bonus resource sounds really weird.
I removed the "never build on resources" code, now it likes to build on bonus resources. I think it may incorrectly think that they get bonus yields from building on bonus resources. Or maybe it just likes the base yield of the tiles.
Just ally Bratislava.
New city on stone, a fort at its right, BAM connection established
That one might win the prize for BAM worst city ever :D If desperate for a connection I'd buy (or wait for expanding to) a tile with Amsterdam next to the stone, put a citadel over it and then a fort east. A road between the two cities could be worth it anyway, it helps moving workers/emissaries around and pays itself off with a couple villages and a town.
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