2.8.2 massive colony game report

Derek Brown

Apr 28, 2020
Maui, Hawaii
I know this is a mod development forum, so I don't know if it's desirable to post after action reports here or in the general Col forum. Let me know if you want to move the post. I think it would be cool if we stickied a game report thread. I'm curious to see how this colony stacks up against other ones people have made.

This was on 2.8.2. I'll put some observations on the mod in the 2.8.2 thread. Short comments - the mod is unbelievable. Outstanding work by the team, I appreciate all the hours of high quality work you guys have done. The settler profession is a big improvement. Look forward to the future releases.

Basic Synopsis
Wiped out the French and then Portuguese. Tried to keep peace with the natives as long as possible but ultimately had to wipe out 4 or 5 tribes. Established a growing colony on another island with about 10 settlements that could produce 1-2 veteran LI per turn at end. WOI looked hopeless after I lost 3 major coastal cities and the largest production city. Too add insult to injury, the redcoast razed our largest colony, Jamestown, our capital. At one point I was outnumbered 3:1 on Hessians / RLI vs CG/Hessians/LI. Retreated to center and fought in the wilderness. Won a large battle at Tadoussac and turned the tide of war. During WOI, really stepped up the tool/gun production and went from 77 LI to over 200 by the end. A small ragtag navy based in New Haven wiped out 2/3 of the Royal Navy assets in the war, capturing 9 of their Man of Wars and wiping out almost 200. Our colonial navy got so good that at one point one SOL killed 8 Man of Wars in one turn (granted they were already hit once). We won our independence in 1696, giving the nation 325 years of prosperity before Joe Biden comes into office ;)

Basic Attributes
Difficulty: Revolutionary
Map Size: Gigantic
Version played: WTP 2.8.2
Leader: William Penn
Hours: 107

Total Production per turn / Demographics Stats
587 tools
260 stone / 7846 in storage at end
695 blades / 12585 in storage at end
1613 guns / 30249 in storage at end
22 horses / 21020 in storage at end (was no point in breeding more)
4431 Hammers
1962 Crop yield
601,256 Treasury
1,364,000 Land area
1066 population units
1849 total units (about 2/3 trained)
41 Founding Fathers

19 Government Palaces
4 Citadels
2 Naval Ports
12 Tool factories
4 Great tool factories
17 Arsenals
5 Great Arsenals
18 Wheelwright workshops
3 Great wheelwright workshops
8 Great Universities

154 Expert Farmers
96 Veterans
88 Elder Statesmen
86 Master Carpenters
74 Expert Lumberjacks
71 Blacksmiths
70 Hardy Pioneers
46 Gunsmiths

Military Size (not all minor ones included like 2 rangers, etc)
2 Cont Guard / lost 4
5 Hessians
3 Mortars
5 Heavy artillery
23 Light artillery
16 Cavalry
30 Dragoons
77 Colonial militia
204 Line infantry
9 Man O Wars
9 Ships of the line / lost 3 (4 units above 100 experience and 1 unit above 200 experience)
2 Frigates (1 unit above 300 experience)
4 Pirate frigates

258 Royal Line Infantry
248 Royal artillery
187 Man O Wars
172 Hessians
166 Royal Cavalry
77 Royal Dragoons
483 Natives


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