2194 Days PBEM


Apr 19, 2001
Chicago, IL
Hey guys,
I would like to start a 2194 Days PBEM.
I don't know if anyone is interested, but I am putting this out there to see if anyone is.

Also, I thought I read somewhere that there was a multiplayer events file made by someone....
If not, we will use the German events because the Axis have the advantage from the start.

United States-Me
Chinese-OPEN or AI

Respond if you want to play, or e-mail me.


I'll play!
I'm Germany! :)

United States-pap1723-pap1723@hotmail.com
Chinese-OPEN or AI

Pap, if i'm correct don't the Japs go first then the germans?
Just a thought can we play with the house rules that:

German V-rockets can only attack cities and Jap Kamikasis only attack ships?

Just for historical accurracy
Russians-Greeny- greenslades@lineone.net
Japanese-Johnny_c- freestyleassassin@yahoo.com
Germans-SunTzu- WMCS44@aol.com
United States-pap1723- pap1723@hotmail.com
British-broman- BroosBrouwers@hotmail.com
Chinese-OPEN or AI

Hitler is delighted to the Japanese joining the Axis powers in the fight against Imperialism, Capitalism and Communism!
All "Ism's" must be destroyed! :)
Does anyone know if there's a multplayer event file we can use? Or should we just start out with the German events?
Well do we want free units to be given to people?
I'm not sure...
There is a D-Day event that occurs on a turn 31 and the Allies get a total of 12 units in Europe (I think they all spawn there but I'm not positive) every turn until the end of the game.
Do we want that?
Again, I don't know how that will work out in the actual game. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't.
We could maybe make an events file with no units given to anyone? Any thoughts? :confused:
Count me in as chinese, if you want them to be played:D

I suggest using the Allied events and rules files. The Axis have such a good advantage at the start that the Allies need any help they can get. A few free planes to the Brits, and some units to the Soviets. However, if the Soviet manipulates the events a la Xin Yu... then the results can be devistating... :eek:

The D-Day event is rather small. Basically useless anyway. The German gets to move before the Americans, so sinking the 4 ships or whatever is no biggie. The Ami's will really need their own D-Day to get it done. I dont think any PBEM of this has ever passed 1942 so I dont think you'll ever get there. One thing of note is that the Allies will have that D-Day event for every turn after June '44. Thats 12 free units (or so) every turn. That could be a problem if the Allies have a beachead by then... but seriously, I dont think the game will even get there.

Have fun boys. :goodjob:

Russians-Greeny - greenslades@lineone.net
Japanese-Johnny_c - freestyleassassin@yahoo.com
Germans-SunTzu - WMCS44@aol.com
United States- Pap - pap1723@hotmail.com
British-broman- BroosBrouwers@hotmail.com
Chinese-Tracid00 - simon_aistleitner@hotmail.com

Let's use the German events.txt file.

House rules....
V-1 Rockets can only attack cities, and cannot be carried by subs or aircraft carriers.

Kamikazes can only be used against ships.

48 hours per turn please!
let us know if this is a problem!

Johnny_c------you start the game, just follow the PBEM FAQ that is posted here, and then send it along to SunTzu

Everyone let us know what is going on with the war by posting updates after every turn.

Let's actually finish this war, because I have never seen one finished!

The once mighty American Navy has been bombed to the bottom of the Pacific ocean. Wave after wave of Japanese bombers assaulted the military port at Pearl Harbour. More than 25 ships were sunk as well as multiple fighter squadrons. Admiral Yamamoto has also coordinated an attack on the Phillipino islands, Singapore, Malaysia and Norther Indonesia. The Burma path has been cut off with the occupation of Rangoon and Calcutta. The Chinese mainland has been captured up to the walls of Chunking.

Farther south, the Australian continent has been landed and a beachead set up at Brisbane as well as Darwin. The Imperial Marines are feasting on kangaroo and dingoes as I speak.
Sorry everyone i just got home from a night or partying and racing :)
Its 2am i'll download the game and have it posted smetime today. i'mabou to go to bed.
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