(3-A) Proposal: Some more info for a few player choices.

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Dec 22, 2019
Proposal Details:
Give the following some numerical values so players have a better understanding of what they get.

Lebensraum: Does not tell you how much :c5culture: and :c5goldenage: you get or if it scales with era or speed.
Covert action: While it says you get 1 or more spies based on the number of :c5citystate: it does not tell you the formula.
Hero worship: GA, GG, :c5faith: and :c5goldenage: have no numerical values for the player.
Civilizing Mission: "Large sum of gold." Could be more specific. (Pointed out by Recursive).
Authority opener: :c5culture: amount not specified. (Pointed out by Stormfallen).
Statecraft finisher: :c5culture::c5science::c5gold: per delegate missing. (Pointed out by Stormfallen).
Crusader Spirit: :c5culture::c5gold:missing and possibly missing era and speed scale info. (Pointed out by Stormfallen).
Flower of war (Aztec): :c5gold::c5faith: amount missing. (Pointed out by Stormfallen).
Morrigan, the Harbinger: :c5gold::c5culture::c5goldenage: on kill need numerical values and pillage potentially missing scaling info.
Wind Farm: should say land tiles at the bottom an missing ocean tiles. Missing land tiles at the top (see picture for reference).
Hydroelectric power plant: Lake yield should have :c5production: and :c5gold: location switched to be in line with river yield (see picture for reference).
Railroad in civilopedia: Production bonus does not come with a numerical value.
Goddess of Wisdom and God of Commerce use :c5greatperson: symbol for great person points while most other things use the appropriate GP symbol. Look at Goddess of Beauty for reference. I know this is not really about inadequate info but it is also a UI fix and there was no point in making a new thread just for this.

Just about everything else has some proper numbers. Try reading all the other policy options and then Lebensraum.

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There's no reasonable objection to this, so if someone sponsors it, it can be fast-tracked. I think there's also the Civilizing Mission policy?
There's also:
Yield-on-kill effects (Aztec UA, Authority, etc.)
Statecraft finisher
Crusader Spirit
Railroad connection doesn't give any production bonus in VP (it's on Train Station). That would be a bug fix.
Proposal sponsored by Legen.
I need confirmation on the spy formula, the game just seems to add 2 spies to a policy (Covert Action, Double Agents) if there are more than 16 city states at the start of the game. I'm not sure where in the code I can find how it works.

On the Wind Farm, the patch notes on 2.7.3 point to it working on all tiles, so the bottom tooltip would be the correct one. Also, I believe that it is intended to give culture instead of science on sea tiles? The current Wind farm doesn't add yields to lakes and mountains, I can include those tiles and the culture yields as a bugfix.
Yo holds up to that. @pineappledan Does Wind Farm add yields to all tiles or just the workable ones? This is your implementation and I wanna see your thoughts before Legen make the change.
On the spy formula (CvPlayer.cpp file):

        if(GetFreeSpy() > 0)
            CvPlayerEspionage* pEspionage = GetEspionage();
            CvAssertMsg(pEspionage, "pEspionage is null! What's up with that?!");
                int iNumSpies = GetFreeSpy();

                if (MOD_BALANCE_CORE_SPIES)
                    //Optional: Spies scaled for the number of City-States in the game.
                    int iNumMinor = ((GC.getGame().GetNumMinorCivsEver(true) * /*10*/ GD_INT_GET(BALANCE_SPY_TO_MINOR_RATIO)) / 100);
                    if(iNumMinor > 1)
                        iNumSpies += iNumMinor;

                for(int i = 0; i < iNumSpies; i++)
                changeFreeSpy(GetFreeSpy() * -1);

As it is now, any time something tries to add a spy (Statecraft's Foreign service, Covert Action, Double Agents), the code checks the number of city states and effectively divides by 10 (BALANCE_SPY_TO_MINOR_RATIO = 10 at the moment), truncating the result. If the result is at least 2, then that result is added to the number of spies added by the policy. Examples:
  • 16 city-states
    • Covert Action adds only 1 spy
    • Double Agents adds only 3 spies
  • 20 city-states
    • Covert Action adds 1+2 = 3 spies
    • Double Agents adds 3+2 = 5 spies
  • 32 city-states
    • Covert Action adds 1+3 = 4 spies
    • Double Agents adds 3+3 = 6 spies
The description could be "(plus one spy for each 10 city-states, if at least 20 city-states ever existed)" in place of the current "(based on number of City-States in game)".
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Proposal fast-track accepted.
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