[DLL] (6-73a) Only Allow Trading Cities in Peace Deals or Back to Original Owner

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Jul 17, 2018
Counterproposal of:

I haven't seen AI offering or requesting cities on their own for a while, but they readily accepts human's requests to trade cities, sometimes at a heavy profit on the human side.
There are too many things to consider when valuing a city, so it's difficult to "fix" the AI to make reasonable deals. It's also not always good to accept a city.

I'd push for disabling this mechanic all together, but this is still needed in some places.

Peace deals:
As of this version, the AI is already factoring in cities in peace deals. This should stay so the AI no longer has a chance to have literally nothing to cede (unless they have one city left, but they should be willing to capitulate then).

Returning captured cities:
If you've captured a city you don't want (maybe it's just in the way), the AI should be happy to take it back for a price.
However, they shouldn't be taking it back if there's no way to connect the city with their capital without passing through foreign borders (thus requiring open borders).
The offered price should be low (10% of its real value) as a symbolic price for "returning" the city. The original city owner should never ask for it - it's the new city owner's initiative to offer this.
If the AI is the new city owner and hasn't invested into it much (<50% added value compared to when it was captured), they should offer it back to the original owner (either human or AI) if their real approach is FRIENDLY and perceived approach with them is FRIENDLY or AFRAID.

All other city trading deals are disallowed.

Scope: DLL + new tooltip text explaining why cities can't be traded
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How does it correspond to 6-74?
Yeah this doesn’t look meaningfully different from Axatin’s proposal. Not even enough to be considered a counter proposal.
Hmm, I missed that proposal.

This is still a counterproposal - you can't sell civ A's city to civ B.
In the original proposal, cities are still sold back at full value and that can be used to scam the AI. I'm making them accept cities at a symbolic price only.
I feel like there's potential to train the AI to do better here.
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