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6otM 26 After Actions Report

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Game Of The Month' started by Knowtalent, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. ferenginar

    ferenginar Grand Nagus

    Aug 2, 2001
    Cloud ****oo Land
    Culture Victory Turn 360, score 539

    - How many cities did you settle or capture?
    Settle 6 Capture 2

    - What did you prioritize for research and policies?
    Basic coverage till mid-game beeline for Radio, Satellite broadcasts, heritage tourism, online communities.

    - Did you bother with Religion?

    - Did you bother with Science?
    Yes, need science to have reasonable military.

    - How did you pump your Tourism?
    Art museums, film studios, great artists, great musicians, a couple of seaside resorts, a national park, Satellite broadcasts, heritage tourism, online communities. Set spies to steal great works, from France in particular, quite successfully too. Last couple of turns I traded for a couple too, not because it would make very much difference, it just tickled me that they were not only speeding their demise, but 30 gold per turn is a lot less than what they expected when they only get it for a few turns. (Assumed trading was Ok, post patch).

    - Did you instigate any major wars?
    Took out Gandhi, then no more war.

    - Were City-States helpful?
    Toronto, Hong Kong and Brussels for production bonuses, Geneva for Science, Kumasi culture, and Lisbon cash.

    - Any surprises you ran into, how did you deal with it?
    I am constantly surprised at how many times I take “Hildegard of Bingen”, when I don’t have a Holy Site. Used him as a scout for a while. Also took a second GS that I didn’t use, but that was planned, Stephanie Kwolek, 100% Space race, even spent some faith to get him so that Germany would not.

    - Did you enjoy the game?


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    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
  2. Rygaros

    Rygaros Chieftain

    Feb 21, 2008
    Culture victory T259 1740 AD
    Score 488

    Rushed some warriors and captured India early BC. After that pretty much cakewalk.
    Settled my continent.
    Settled one city in jungle below Washinton above Geneva. Built Chichén Itzá.
    Settled one city southwest in the desert hills.
    Got into war with Russia and France later on around 1600AD. Nothing much happend really.


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  3. Eyswein

    Eyswein Chieftain

    Nov 26, 2016
    No submission this month, but wanted to say thanks for continuing to set this up. While I did play 6OTM 26, it was effectively a replay as I helped my son play it first, so had full knowledge of the map before I started. I'll take some time later to post the game in case anyone is interested in the strategy I used.

    One thing I do find interesting is how the AI can react differently to each other before they even meet us. I reached Germany BEFORE my son - he cleared all but one of their cities fast as they had few units and no walls, but for me they were already fully walled up with about double the units he saw already roaming around - I waited for Knights to start my sweeps.

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