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6otM 40 After Actions Report.

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Game Of The Month' started by Knowtalent, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. CPWimmer

    CPWimmer Chieftain

    Oct 7, 2016
    Turn 159 Religious victory!

    My turns up to turn 100 are in the 6otM 40 Opening Actions thread..

    How many cities did you settle or capture?
    11 cities: 6 built, 5 captured from Aztec

    What did you prioritize for research and policies?
    Post turn 100 neither Civics nor Technology were all that important - except to get Theocracy and Cartography as fast as possible. I didn't even notice that there was a shallow water path until reading the other responses before posting this.

    Did you bother with Science?
    Just enough to stay ahead (4 of 11 cities had campuses).

    How did you pump your Religion?
    • Goddess of the Harvest Pantheon (Faith Chop), Choral Music (Culture), Mosque (+1 Spread), Holy Order (-30% Cost for Religious Units), Pilgrimage (+2 Faith per CS and Foreign City)
    • 9 holy sites w/ +100% adjacency policy, Theocracy Govt +Theocratic Legacy Policy, suzerain w/ 6+ envoys in both Yerevan & Jerusalem, +78 faith from Pilgrimage got me to about 300 Faith per turn.
    Did you instigate any major wars?
    Just one. T86 - T115 completely wiped out Monty. 100% peaceful after that, it helped that I didn't meet anyone from off my continent until T117.

    Were City-States helpful?
    Yes, As i mentioned in the other thread (and @Victoria did in this one) Yerevan is the Religion Victory Easy Button. It allowed me to cater my Apostle army to fit my exact needs. Jerusalem helped as well, but was easily over shadowed.

    How did the new features help you?
    • I abused the capstone Governor ability of Moksha the Cardinal - "Apostles get 1 extra promotion". When combined with Yerevan that is just broken. I used a small bit of Magnus chopping cheese, but not a lot. I also used Liang + Pyramids to make some uber-builders.
    • A Medieval Golden Age boost of "Exodus of the Evangelists" +2 Movement & +2 Charges also factored in pretty heavily to the speed and impact of my intercontinental conversions.
    Both of these new R&F Features contributed to my victory.

    Any surprises you ran into, how did you deal with it?
    No real surprises. Played out almost exactly how I planned it. I did trigger my first ever Religious Emergency when I converted Madrid, but only Spain joined in and sacrificed a few Missionaries to my Apostles.

    Did you enjoy the game?
    Yes, I enjoy an occasional soft ball that I can hit out of the park. Also got to knock out the Tamar 2 Achievements, that honestly I would have probably waited a long time to bother with. Georgia wasn't on my list of civs i was particularly interested in playing - so it was a good easy game I could knock out in a week (which is quick for me). It's obvious that I could have done a lot better optimizing but I enjoyed playing it the way I did.

    Spoiler Screenshots :

    Eastern Empire
    6otm40 Georgia East.JPG

    Western Empire
    6otm40 Georgia West.JPG

    Religion Screen 60tm40 Georgia Religious Victory.JPG

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018 at 11:27 PM
    Victoria likes this.
  2. pahakuutti

    pahakuutti Chieftain

    Aug 11, 2016
    109 RV

    - How many cities did you settle or capture?
    Settled 13. Captured 5.
    - What did you prioritize for research and policies?
    The most important ones were astrology, horses, shipbuilding.
    Later on theology and reformed church.
    - Did you bother with Science?
    Not enough considering my decision to research horses before shipbuilding. It delayed the ability to embark too much.
    - How did you pump your Religion?
    Goddess of the Harvest + Ancestar Hall + Monumentality + Pyramids.
    Faith purchase settler, get a 6-charge builder, chop -> gain faith points.
    - Did you instigate any major wars?
    Stole one settler from Monty. Didn't want his cities.
    Eliminated Spain and Norway..
    - Were City-States helpful?
    Maybe too much.
    - How did the new features help you?
    For the first time ever, I built a Guru. Didn't get a change to try it out.
    In the whole game I had totally 2 theological combats. The Guru wasn't worth of 2 chops. Just annoyed to have one more unit to move.

    Attached Files:

  3. Eyswein

    Eyswein Chieftain

    Nov 26, 2016
    Religious Victory, T107, 225BC

    -Overall Strategy
    Decided to do military with religion at end, so first military (horse rush) to capture, then religion for final spread. I generally captured others that already had their own religion, but had also built lots of Holy Sites. I didn’t found my religion until T96 once I captured a city on the final continent and then pumped out religious units to spread it.

    1) I didn’t explore very well. I didn’t find Jerusalem until T44 and didn’t discover Spain until T91. Normally I get Galleys out early, but delayed Sailing until T49; first Galley was T60. This was the biggest mistake of the game as knowing the map would have greatly sped up the game.
    2) Aztec had a Relic that I decided I really wanted for some silly reason, but even after lowering their capital to near capture they still wouldn’t trade it for anything reasonable. I delayed myself trying to get it in a trade, but no luck. I should have just taken them out and moved on. Eventually got a relic from a TV on T85, not that it was needed.
    3) Both India and Aztec escorted their first settler, so couldn’t capture either one with my warrior or scout respectively.

    - How many cities did you settle or capture?
    Ended with 26 total cities. Eliminated 4 civs, converted 3 civs.

    - What did you prioritize for culture?
    To Pol Phil at first, then Theology and eventually Exploration

    - Did you bother with Science?
    Yes – planned to target to Square Rigging to cross oceans faster; built a Campus as my first district on T47 for science boost but may have been better to skip that line of research. I got Cartography on T77 with Square Rigging ~T95.

    - How did you pump your Religion?
    Goddess of Harvest on T21, then chopping for faith, Holy Sites to start religion in most cities when I finally ‘founded’ a religion on T96.

    - Did you instigate any major wars?
    Yes, almost everyone

    - Were City-States helpful?
    Yes, captured a couple, used others for more faith, gold, science

    - Did you enjoy the game? Always enjoy GOTM!!

    Attached Files:

  4. Flaxton

    Flaxton Chieftain

    Jan 30, 2012
    T144 Score 563

    Slow result, should have searched the globe faster, Kabul blocked my galleys for a while. Didn't realise the double envoy thing applied all the time (I thought only during a protectorate war). Couldn't find a couple of Viking cities which wasted at least 15 turns. Whoops.

    - How many cities did you settle or capture?
    Settled 5 - peaceful game
    - What did you prioritize for research and policies?
    Religion, Cartography (you don't need it really but sped up my searching)
    - Did you bother with Science?
    Only a couple of campuses to speed up Cartography
    - How did you pump your Religion?
    Harvest, divine inspiration, built oracle, temple of A,
    - Did you instigate any major wars?
    - Were City-States helpful?
    Yenevan and Jerusalem of course.
    - How did the new features help you?
    Didn't read Tamar description accurately, didn't build UU or wall.
    - Any surprises you ran into, how did you deal with it?
    Lost cities of the Vikings, had killed other religions some time ago.
    - Did you enjoy the game?
    Too easy, not a civ I have played, got the achievement though.

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