[Complex] (7-NS) Add keyboard shortcut to pick unit promotions as AI would

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Jul 23, 2022
Proposal: Add a keyboard shortcut, say P (if that's unused for unit management), that will pick all unit promotions as the AI would for a unit that has leveled up. So for example if a unit was created with enough experience to be level 4, and the screen to select a promotion was up, pressing P would give the unit the three promotions that the AI would give it if it had just created the unit.

Rationale: There are several cases in the late game where you get a bunch of highly leveled units or have many units level up and have to pick many promotions that may or may not even really matter. The cases that come to mind are units from cities reaching multiples of ten population with authority, vassals tributing their units upon era advance, and Sweden creating a great general and having to level up many units. It would reduce the late game warfare tedium if it were possible to just press a keyboard shortcut and move on to the next unit rather than having to manually assign the 3 to 5 promotions for each and every unit. The other keyboard shortcuts for unit management (F for fortify, H for heal) already help considerably, and I think this would help further.

MAGI: Complex proposal, DLL and UI changes
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Just as a precaution, can this button show a popup messaging asking for confirmation? Just in case someone presses whatever button is assigned to it without intention.
But then the confiration requires you to click. I'd prefer not to confirm. Or confirm also P, so I can press and hold P for all units that have a promotion.
If the button is P then I think that would be hard to press by accident since it's not next to any other unit management keys that I'm aware of. But if accidental pressing is a common concern it could be a two key shortcut like Shift + P.
Is there somewhere we can find what promotions Ai give to their units? I really like this idea but would still like to know what promotions im giving.
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