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A brief synopsis, please?

Discussion in 'Team Epsilon' started by Methos, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Methos

    Methos HoF Quattromaster Super Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Jan 1, 2005
    Sorry guys, I forgot all about this game and that I was a team member. If I remember correctly, I joined prior to it starting and wasn't around once it did. Rik's comment made me remember....:blush:

    I'm curious, how have we progressed? I tried reading through some of the threads, but it doesn't really give a feel for what has progressed over the last 5k years.
  2. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    Hey Methos!

    Here's my super-high level overview:
    (Mostly from a Foreign-Relations perspective, as that's what I've been most involved in)

    Epsilon got off to a roaring start when we gambled on a Civil Service Oracle sling-shot and won. We got into Bureaucracy way before anyone else and quickly developed a pretty commanding tech lead.

    We then put a lot of effort into preventing the other teams from ganging up on us and managed to stay on friendly terms and even trade with most of the other teams as we met them. Initially we were thinking of trying to create a permanent alliance with team LOCO (Gandhi) to crush everyone else, but LOCO has played a really poor game and has been pretty much stinking. Even though we initially viewed team PIFFLE (Elizabeth) as our most likely opponent, we eventually were able to craft a very close alliance with them to take us both down to the final two. We managed to convince PIFFLE that they should attack the much stronger team ALOHA (Catherine), while we would take out the weakling LOCO. PIFFLE agreed to this when we offered to give them 6 Cavalry and 2 Galleons.

    PIFFLE has attacked ALOHA, and had good initial success, burning 4 Alohan cities. However, ALOHA has now managed to finally unite the other teams with them in (at least) a technology alliance. With the tech aid, ALOHA is now putting up a better fight, and PIFFLE is having some trouble.

    We're just about to launch our war on LOCO in the next few turns, and we're not expecting them to be ready and/or put up too much of a fight.

    All in all, the EPSILON/PIFFLE alliance is very well positioned to beat the late-coming ALOHA/INNOVIA/LOCO alliance, as ALOHA is severely battered and LOCO is really behind and about to get wiped out.

    Hope that helps!

    EDIT: and Epsilon is much stronger in base strength (more population, more resources, much better research ability) than PIFFLE – so when it IS down to the final two, we're confident we'll win. We just need to avoid a PIFFLE backstab till then… so far so good.

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