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Jan 17, 2006
Las Vegas, NV
It's been two months since my last strategy guide, but I finally got a new one posted yesterday. My strategy guide for Matthias Corvinus of Hungary can be found on my blog at:

The ability that I would build my strategy around is Matthias' Raven King leader ability. This ability grants a combat buff, a movement bonus, and an upgrade discount to all levied units and grants 2 envoys with the city from which you levied. This allows Hungary to effectively buy envoys with gold once you manage to achieve suzerain status. For particularly valuable city states, this can give Hungary a valuable buffer against another civ flipping the city state's allegiance, without having to necessarily run Charismatic Leader policy all game long.

The more important part of the ability is the combat and movement bonus. If the units are obsolete, they can be cheaply upgraded. They can rapidly move into enemy territory and begin pillaging infrastructure or besieging cities. You might even get lucky and obtain some valuable catapults or bombards without having to invest the time and production into training the expensive siege units. The movement bonus means they'll even be able to move into range of a city and fire in the same round -- no general necessary!

The Black Army UU pairs nicely with levied armies, as it gets a stacking +3 combat bonus for each acjacent levied unit. This can add up to a decisive advantage very quickly.

Hungary will need a strong economy to afford levying city states, and the cost to levy will increase as the CS trains more units, and as those units are upgraded. You'll also want to walk a tight rope diplomatically. When your Black Army upgrades to Huszars, they lose the adjacency bonus from levied units, but gain a similar bonus for each alliance you have with another full civ. You'll want to avoid generating too much grievances early in the game so that you can maintain allied relationships with at least one or two other civs in order to use your Huszars most effectively.

Hungary should also try to settle cities along the bends of snaky rivers. This will allow districts to be built cheaper thanks to the Pearl of the Danube ability. You'll likely have to weight the costs of the production discount against placing the district in a more optimal location that provides good adjacency bonuses. You won't always be able to get both. In general, I focus on better district yields in my early cities (since districts are cheap anyway), then focus more on the production bonus for building across rivers later in the game. The Thermal Bath comes so late in the game that I never bothered to build a strategy around using it. It can give Hungary an edge towards a culture victory if the city also includes a geothermal fissure. Build enough of them, and you might accidentally trip over a culture victory on your way towards finishing off the last civ or 2 on a domination run.

Please check out the full guide and post any good tips or tricks for Hungary that I missed. They guide also includes some of my tips and observations for playing against Matthias Corvinus. I'm always looking for constructive feedback! Since I play almost exclusively in single player, I'm especially eager to hear people's multiplayer suggestions.

Thanks for reading, and happy Civ'ing!
Focus on gold and science for military techs.

Take Amani as first governor. Send her to a city state with some military units. Levy, take out the nearest civ. The +2 move and 30 turn timer gives you plenty of time to move the units anywhere they need to be. When the timer runs out you lose control for a turn but can levy them again to continue the rampage.

Move Amani to another city state and repeat.

You might need to build some rams or siege towers unless you get lucky and levy some catapults/bombards.

Slot the 50% off gold cost for upgrades to make upgrading your levied troops almost free.

I played Hungary once and it was by far the easiest Diety win I've ever had. Just an absolute snowballing steamroller once I levied the first city state. By the end I was suze with all and every one was levied.
My strat is the same but different. I will take Amani first for the early suze dips which gives extra gold. Do what CS quests I can and assess what CS a neighbour may take. As I near PP I will suze that CS with one envoy if need be and Amani. If the AI does not attack the CS I will pay for levy and this tempts the AI to take a vulnerable CS. I can then declare a protectorate war with grievances, loot all their lands, take their cap and basically encourage the rest of their cities to rebel through starvation, unhappiness and Victor.
You can do this with any civ but once you levy you are on 5 as said and I no longer care about the levied troops I move on to the nest civ and CS if there is one or just settle down with enough cities for whatever vic is needed.
But yes snakes rivers etc is great, black army is superb for pillaging which I prefer to taking the majority of cities directly now.
A foot UU would be nicer to be able to upgrade the CS to them, buy hey ho.
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