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(7-25) Carthage UA/UNW Reworks

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You can see the coast, and I think you can see hills one tile in, but approaching the coast won't let you see deeper, even with sight=3.

Embark vision for Polynesia lets you aim your first few settlers better, so I think it's actually very nice, and lets scouts see equal distance whether on land or sea.
Does extra vision help you see further inland so you can decide whether it's worth embarking to explore further?
Any land obstructs vision while embarked, so no.
for reference:
Unit XP at each Military Building Stage:
BuildingXP after PurchaseLevel after PurchaseXP after BuildLevel After BuildXP after Purchase (Carthage UA)Level After Purchase ( CarthageUA)
Ancient (Barracks)7.51152 (req 10xp)7.5+5 = 12.52 (req 10xp)
Classical7.511527.5+5 = 12.52
Medieval7.511527.5+10 = 17.52
Medieval (Armory)17.52 (req 10xp)353 (req 30xp)17.5+10 = 27.52
Renaissance17.5235317.5+15 = 32.53 (req 30xp)
Industrial17.5235317.5+20 = 37.53
Industrial (Military Academy)303 (req 30xp)604 (req 60xp)30+20 = 503
Modern30360430+25 = 553
Atomic30360430+30 = 604 (req 60xp)
Information30360430+35 = 654
Note that XP is stored up to 2 decimal places.
Thanks, Rek!

Some confounding variables to add:
Teocalli (classical?) adds an additional 15/7.5 XP
Brandenburg (Industrial) adds an additional 15/7.5 XP
Elite forces (autocracy) adds an additional 15/7.5 XP
Mercenary units (medieval/industrial/atomic) get full XP on gold purchase
Draft registration (freedom, tier 1) eliminates the XP penalty for all gold purchases

The proposal is for this ability to only affect gold purchases, so Zealotry is not a factor.

I like the tension between freedom’s full XP unit purchases and autocracy’s +7.5 XP with -33% purchase cost. It’s a pretty interesting choice.
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You can found in late classical, but getting enough faith to convert your cities and buy the buildings is medieval for sure
unless you're gandhi I guess
I think you actually found earlier (respective to tech) in lower difficulties.
Carthage and Polynesia proposals split into 2 proposals. We can sort this out after sponsorship phase.
yeah at this point we magi recognize its a whole webby mess to untangle, so we will see where the dust settles after sponsorship, and then I am sure we are going to have spend a day or two untangling things and see where it lands.
Sponsor note:
This proposal requires the addition of the following new abilities:
Yields whenever ownership of a new resource is increased, scaling with era (new SQL table)
extra XP on unit Gold Purchase, scaling with era (Traits table addition)
the rest is SQL and text worth that I would be able to assist with
Last minute sponsored.
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