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  1. unartis

    Hungarian Parliament building 1.00

    The Hungarian Parliament Building, also known as the Parliament of Budapest after its location, is the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary, a notable landmark of Hungary, and a popular tourist destination in Budapest.
  2. Louis the XIV

    [MODULAR] Hungary 1.0

    Thread where you can request your civ Hungary Leaders: -Istvan -Matthias Corvin -Kossuth Lajos Unit: Huszar replaces Cuirassier Building: Vegvar replaces Castle Color: Dark Green Modular. Enjoy!
  3. Louis the XIV

    [NEWCIV] Louis's Civ Request Thread

    Hi! Here I will be posting all of my new modular civilization. You can also request civs here if you feel like it and I will try to complete them, but I am only doing 1 civ a day. All the civs are only compatible with BTS 3.19 and are modular. To make your mod modular you will need to edit the...
  4. Navelgazer

    Emissary Project

    So, In an effort to keep this game interesting (and improve my "games finished" to "games started" ratio a bit) I'm about to embark on a silly experiment to see how hard I can go all-in on Emissaries in a game, and see how much of a difference it makes. I plan on playing through peacefully...
  5. megabearsfan

    [GS] A general strategy for Hungary

    It's been two months since my last strategy guide, but I finally got a new one posted yesterday. My strategy guide for Matthias Corvinus of Hungary can be found on my blog at: http://www.megabearsfan.net/post/2019/08/20/Civilization-VI-strategy-Matthias-Corvinus-of-Hungary.aspx The ability...
  6. cknwo

    [GS] Countering Hungary

    I played a multiplayer game as Hungary. I absolutely dominated w/ the suzerains. What's the way to counter this? All opponents have to go straight to Amani double envoys and send all available envoys to your nearest CS's regardless of their bonus type. Obviously have try to pace their...
  7. O

    [GS] Matthias Corvinus strategie

    Hi Civ fans, just made my first GS game. Matthias Corvinus is incredidle strong. With the help of Amani you can become suzerain of a city state very early. Levy units as soon as you have money for it. Afterward you get 2 more Envoys - so you can stay suzerain even after moving Amani to the next...
  8. Hawke9

    [GS] (POLL) What will be the second first look?

    With Hungary being announced, one can only wonder which civilization will be next :) Hungary was kind of a curveball, but I think that this time well get the Inca.
  9. Liufeng

    Unoffical Civ VI poll. Vote for your 3 civs you would most like to see. Part II : Eastern Europe

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the new poll focused on Eastern Europe, which will englobe (arbitrarily) the eastern side of Europe, to Russia, the western side of the Bosphorus (Ottomans will come in another poll), but also the Caucasus). Don't forget to read the PDF which will give some...
  10. Greywulf

    Civ with 2 Capitals.

    What if a civ had the ability to have 2 Capital cities? Could that be done in a balanced way? Would that make a good unique ability for a particular civ? The civ that seems most ideal a candidate is Austria-Hungary, and their 2 Capitals are Vienna and Budapest. They were a real historical civ...
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