a great problem: Persians are not arabs!

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Great Cyrus

Jun 28, 2009
hello to all friends that had made this good version.
i want to say some great problems about this game:
i wish producters read rhis message.
look friends the frist problem is:
the persian people cant speak arabic!!!!!! why you used tazic(arabic) language for the peole that them name is persians?!
we speak persian. im so sorry for mine and all iranian that dont said anything.
fo example for hello:
this is arabic: salamon alaykom. ana darioush. malek ol mamlekat el fars
this is persian: doroud bar shoma man darioush hastam. khosro-we sarzamin pars
i dont know how you dont edit this great problem!
im a realy iranian. my race is persian/ pathian
the clothes are not so intresting. but you work is very good!
austins are too short! search at google you will seen what i said.
dont use irani and arabic music togther cuz we have a great history of the musics in B.C and A.D years.

please add cyrus the great and xerxes the great
mant thanks
Kourosh Ariya
About music there is one list by "region": Europe, America, Africa/Middle-East, and Asia I think. Playing the Arabs the music sounded sometimes turkish, pakistanese and sometimes african. I wish there was a mod to include the music files we want.
I would have thought as its a "WOW" factor selling point mentioned in most reviews they would have got it right.

Part of a western conspiracy to remove the proud Persian history and thus weaken Iranian resolve to build nuclear energy? Part of an Iranian conspiracy to make the west appear as barbarians without any understanding of history and thus strengthen resolve to build nuclear energy?

Or is there some secret island cave with an evil genius plotting all our downfalls?

Whatever..... Get the language right Firaxis!
The most funny thing on this game is Alexander's ancient Greek in English pronunciation....Damn I can barely understand the word "agatha" he says in trades...Also When first met he says "....ke eggonos ton" (and grondson of)...really seriously even in modern greek language, ke (and) although always written "kai" is always pronounced "ke".Same thing with greek word for yes "ne" although written "nai" it is pronounced "ne"..I wonder why they were so cheap in civ 5...in civ 4 the Greek units would speak the language perfectly fine both in accent/pronunciation and actuall meaning...In this one maybe Firaxis couldn't afford to pay some native Greek speaker to talk a one paragraph dialog???Crisis...
I only understand george w and elizabeth. If they get a spanish/mexican leader one day I might do ok with that one, too. The rest are all greek to me...

speaking of which, george is quite annoying when he's upset with you. he gets very short, direct, to the point, gives dirty looks, etc. even when he's not hostile yet you just know that you're going to have trouble trading with him when he's in that mood.
I don't know all the other languages but I am sure that Wu's spoken Chinese is pretty authentic.
Can anyone tell me what Ceasar says because it always sounds to me like "f**k off, fellow"
I can understand the English-speaking leaders (obviously) and most of Caesar Augustus (I took five years of Classical (Roman) Latin).
Oh here we go again .. :lol:

I understand the anglo-leaders, Caesar and Katherine (though she sounds funny) : I understand most of what Nappy says but he seems to mumble half his lines - which is sad as I know more french than latin. :blush:

Good point.

It should all be Durka Durka, or to borrow from the Greeks, bar-bar-bar.
This is a great problem indeed!

I don't notice, as I only understand the English speaking leaders and a bit of what Bismarck says as he's charging the screen and foaming at the mouth when he declares war.
I'm offended because Caesar speaks to me in Latin like I was his fishmonger or fuller. The Romans spoke Greek in the Senate or to other educated men. Why is he speaking Latin to me? I'm offended!!!

Okay, not seriously. Relax about this stuff, people.
This has been talked about to death on the 2K forum. Darius speaks Aramaic, which wasn't the language the 'common' people in the Persian empire spoke, but it was the offical government and diplomatic language. When you came to Darius' court he would adress you in Aramaic.

So although it isn't very relevant (but those Iranians can get pretty uptight about their country and heritage), it is actually correct.
I speak Arabic fluently and I can tell you Ramses and Haroun both speak perfect Arabic. I can see Ramses speaking Arabic being historically inaccurate, but that is not the issue. I can tell you that some of the words Darius uses sound a little like Arabic words, but it is not Arabic.

While we are on the topic, how come Augustus does not speak with an English accent? Every portrayal of Rome in popular culture features a heavy English accent! And what is it that Augustus is speaking, Latin or Italian?
While we are on the topic, how come Augustus does not speaking with an English accent? Every portrayal of Rome in popular culture features a heavy English accent! And what is it that Augustus is speaking, Latin or Italian?


I can understand a bit of what Bismarck says, much of Ceasar, and a fair amount of Alex. Alex is speaking Koine not modern Greek btw.
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