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A Solution to the Monitor/Splash Screen Bug


Jan 24, 2002
The Solution is to left-click like a maniac as soon as the original CivIII screen disappears. The problem is in the movie exe file, and the left-click is the skip movie command. Sometimes removing the movie file doesn't help because even though you remove the movie the CivIII program will still look for it and that is when the crash bug arises.

You have to left-click as fast as you can because the window of opportunity to execute the skip command is a fraction of a second and you can't tell when that is, so you just have to keep clicking like a maniac. I still miss it sometimes and have to re-boot. But I only miss it occassionaly.

If it works for you could you please let me know! Like many of the solutions to bugs it may not work for everyone (e.g. it could depend on your drivers or monitor set-up, etc.)

And btw, does anyone know if there is a Preferences bug? I have "Animate Auto Moves" disabled but still the computer shows all of my units doing their auto moves one by one. Man does this ever become menotonous watching this for 5 minutes every turn! Thanks in advance.
You absolutely rock!

Why the hell isn't "refresh" in the readme.txt? That solved my problem perfectly, thanks again :)
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