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Civ 3 dual-screen setup switching taskbar to second screen on launch


Jan 12, 2017
Is there a reason why Civ 3 will somehow swap the taskbar on my primary monitor with the taskbar on my secondary monitor, whenever I launch the game? I suspect it has something to do with the settings I have enabled so the game resolution matches my screen, but also fills my monitor rather than just being centered. But is the taskbar switching (it also moves all the other apps running on my primary monitor to my secondary monitor) just the cost of getting both full resolution and filling the screen of the primary monitor? Or can I have the best of both worlds, somehow?
I think it is due to the res settings of civ3. It pushes desktop icons off the primary for me. I am able to get CAII to run on the primary. The most annoying thing is having to run the browser
on the secondary monitor, due to the res setting for civ.
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