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adopt policy button stop working


Sep 17, 2007
Hi guys...
I played G&K and I have enough culture to adopt new policy but when I click on button in the right corner nothing happens..it want open policy window...Itry from main policy button but nothing , no response..
IN the same turn I build Haia Sophia and get great prophet when this happend..
Noe game dont want to end turn becouse policy...
Everything else is ok...
Here is my saved game
View attachment Catherine_0117 AD-0050.Civ5Save
I guess it's not this problem because you wouldn't have unlocked espionage yet. :hmm:

Man where did you find this...I go throw all known bugs report on G&K thread...:crazyeye:
Yes I was "playing" with my spy in Persia before this happened,but I thought that problem was graet prophet...
Thx for help man really appreciate...youi can delete this thread everything is OK..:goodjob:
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