Afterworld Bug?


Sep 17, 2007
I've been playing Afterworld, fun but frustrating. The Field Detonators don't appear to do anything. I assumed you place one down and they explode when a bleeder walks on them. However they never do anything, at all. Is their some trick to it that I'm not getting? I wish I could find a help file for this mod.
Hmmm, they seemed to work when I tried them, but I did so only once.

Once you place the detonator, it should be visible on the tile. Check whether it's there. If not, then you did something wrong when trying to place it (clicking the wrong button or sth. similar).

If it's there, it should explode when an enemy crosses the tile. I don't know if it will explode when friendly units are in the explosion range - this might be a problem since there's code in the epic game which checks for friendly units before you can e.g. drop a nuke. But that's a very wild guess.

Due to the limited visibility range, I think it might also happen that a detonator gets triggered without you seeing it.

Also, I have only tested one detonator, there might be bugs when using many at the same time, or they might be bugged like the sentinels which can only be used once.

A save game might be helpful.
Thanks Psyringe. I could definitely see the detonators on the ground. I put a couple of them down and saw bleeders walk across them. I'll try making sure my guys are a distance away and see if that helps. I'm pretty sure every time I've tried them it's been pretty close to at least one of my guys.
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