[GS] AI too passive in Civ VI?

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does this mod make the AI a worthy opponent? One of my biggest gripes was how bad the AI was and just sat by whilst I clicked end turn until victory. Does it press advantages and pose a threat with this mod?

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Yeah, early on it will wreck you if you're not prepared. I've lost my capitol multiple times for playing stupidly. I can't tell past the Classical era, since I've always snowballed out of control by then if I didn't get wiped out by turn 60. It's hard to not lose any units in a war unless you've severely outmatched them. Even with overpowering military might, they still set up defensive positions that make it not worth the casualties to finish them off sometimes.
I don't want to sound crazy but this kinda of scenario happens on my games without mods (on console, actually)

Currently playing (deity) with Cleo and having Chandra as a neighbor together with Robert and things are spicing up now on end-Medieval early-Renaissance with me and Chandra ready for a [formal or joint w/ Bruce against Chandra] war (I want two cities of India) while at my south border Jadwiga keeps trying to convert my cities while I'm using a couple of apostles to hold out (my religion gives me money so is paramount to protect it). I asked promises for both of them and they declined and now I also have a Holy War Casus Belli if needed later.

The military numbers are high for everybody here. Robert was with war against Jad and went to capture Wrakow only to lose it when the Era changed and he got a dark age. Chandra went to capture Armagh early Medieval since he couldn't expand over me on early game (oh boy, but he built a army to try, don't know why changed his mind) and reinforce his walls since he denounced me.

Sometimes I feel that we as players need to do all those "rituals", or "acting" on those rules (promises, denounces, Casus bellis) so the AI can responde properly and even doing that you need to consider careful how much you will take on a war (or if you will take at all) to not disrupt diplomacy with other players. It's a interesting balance, but I believe some players want more action throughout the whole game.

On the aforementioned play, I'm allied with Robert (he is bottom low on score) and friendly with Ambiorix on the other continent. Don't want to commit with him yet bc he is in bad terms with Mvemba and Sendeok and I want to be able to trade with all of them until I see a clear opportunity to commit with someone there. I also try to influence on their results based on gossip (someone is at war, so let's see if they need luxury or strategic resources for wage war). Don't know if this helps, but it really makes thing immersive.
After beating Deity on my 4th ever civ6 game, then a few more rofl-stomps, I had to find some way to make it harder. Even with the mod, I have yet to see the AI successfully conquer another civ they way they did in civ4 and Vox Populi though. That's where the real challenges would be. For now, I'm happy with at least a challenging ancient/classical era to overcome, since the early game is my favorite anyway. Medieval era is for trying to win before it ends.
I've played Civ IV since release and no, I can't really remember that ever happening. The AI does silly things sometimes, sure, but they usually have military parity when they declare war on you.

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No, I remember slaving out axemen while ai with knights stacking and crossbows attacking.
Edit: stacking instead of trampling while ai added between axemen and knights
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