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Having watched a huge Sid AI debug game with the C3X mod, a problem with these stacks is that they often end up with a bunch of defensive units and artillery type units and that's it. Once they find a city, they will bombard and bombard the city as much as possible. They will bombard to the city down to size 1 and destroy all improvements after redlining all units. That might sound ok, or might not sound ok. It's a tough call. But worse, is that no attacker ends up with such a stack apparently, unless it just so happens to come nearby. It's not like one medieval infantry or knight or longbow travels with such a stack. They will also park near a city and bombard it with no attack support for quite a few turns if the war continues.

I haven't seen how Korea handles their UU. I picked random civs, and they weren't in it. But, I would guess that Korea ends up with a military edge when warring against other AIs.

Edit: If an AI has infantry proper next to a heavily bombarded city, then they will attack.

I suspect the infantry proper doing the attacking you saw was not a unit assigned to guard the artillery but an offensively flagged one that happened to join.
Has anyone done tests with the "Cities store food" flag? From what I've tested I don't see a difference in turns needed to grow after having 2 of improvements with that flag.
Glad I stumbled on this. I'd been floundering getting the AI to select Curragh and here is a possible solution.

I've also been shaking up use of Ancient Cav, Crusaders, Guerrillas, Paras and modern paras. If my efforts fail I've got fall back options due to this thread. Excellent stuff.
Apologies if everyone knows this already but the Curragh fix in this thread is perfect and I consider it pretty essential for Archipelago map play. In those maps an AI with sole possession of an island can typically get in an early game tech slump that it will never emerge from (due to lack of contact with other Civs, so no tech trading and no tech acceleration due to having contact with other Civs who already know the tech you want).

After playing about I settled on giving it only to Seafaring Civs (to give them a much needed boost) and not giving it any carry capacity (the AI couldn't carry 1 unit properly and carrying 2 units was overpowering).
There's a lot of information packed in there :) and I do think you're correct, across the board, about the Curragh.
But if you make the Curragh wheeled and ocean impassable for wheels, theres no reason to make the ocean 2mp.

I added a scout ship to the game that transports 2. AI makes them a lot.
I think if you don't do the following a default Curragh will not be used by the AI.

  • Curraghs get the 'unload' flag and are given the AI Naval Transport flag instead of the AI Naval Power flag.
  • Republic: Increased flat free unit support to 18 units.
  • Democracy: Increased flat free unit support to 18 units
@Ozymandias that is a lot of free unit support. Was there any rationale posted with the suggestions? Or how other settings were changed to compensate? I have been thinking about increasing flat unit support for all governments to minimize needing to build more and more cities to pay for additional military units.
My apologies for missing this!

alexman (who's full documentation can still be found HERE) stated the following:
  1. Republic: The Republic has always been the most flexible government, and now that free unit support has been added in C3C, it's even better than before.
    • Reduced the free unit support to 0/1/1 per town/city/metro
    • Added 18 flat free unit support.
    • All AI civilizations favor this government
  2. Democracy: Democracy does not provide a significant enough advantage over Republic to justify a non-Religious switch.
    1. Increased the free unit support to 0/1/1 per town/city/metro.
    2. Added 18 flat free unit support.
My assumption has simply been that his "disdain" for Democracy prompted this, although, as I just posted elsewhere, even though the AI will always choose a Gov Type with the least degree of Corruption (Minimal > Nuisance > Communal > Problematic > Rampant > Catastrophic, with Communal remaining something of a mystery) further factors influencing the AI's Gov Type choice was discovered, long ago.

Beyond that, all I can say is that alexman was a coder at Firaxis, and my suspicion remains that several aspects of AI behavior are governed by a secret formula involving {The Phase Of The Moon} / {pi.}

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