Archangel Questions

Diavolo Rosso

Lord Giggles
Aug 2, 2010
Some of the archangels don't seem like they should be paired with their gods. What sticks out most is Oghma's archangel Embarr, who has something to do with imagination. He sounds like he fits more with Amatheon and not Oghma, right? And what does Baelious' thing with Fortune have to do with Lugus? Brigit the Shining sounds like she would be paired better with Lugus than Bhall. Camulos' archangel Wrath sounds like it ought to go with Aeron. And what is the connection of Hastur, Lord of Nightmares, with Mammon? That would make dreams the domain of Mammon. I'd think dreams might even touch on the precept of hope. Is it that dreams are a product of the mind? Why then are Speakers of the OO so concerned with prophecy from dreams. Is that Hastur's doing?

EDIT: Also just remembered that Arawn's netherworld is shaped by the dreams of dead souls. So that's another precept dreams touch on.
As far as I understand it, archangels are somewhat independent from their gods, both with their individual decisions and their precepts. I think it said somewhere in Oghma's/Kael's Vaults (thank you very much for those, by the way!) that the archangels were a way to touch on other aspects of a precept that would otherwise be overlooked--like Brigit staying as a symbol of "good" fire after Bhall fell, Hastur's connection with dreams being another side to the mind precept, Hyperborem being entropy/despair that actively tries to increase despair instead of moping around in hell, etc.
Perhaps I'm underthinking it, but I always assumed that their names were just a fancy way of referring to them. I never really considered their names to be directly related to their abilities/personality in any great capacity. Knowing Fall From Heaven lore, there's probably a way deeper explanation for the archangels that I never considered.
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