B/B/B_Mod (Rule Change for Balance)


Nov 15, 2005
Drawing Board
B/B/B_Mod, aka Bigger/Better/Balanced_Mod

Version: 1.00 (based on Civ 3 Vanilla, version 1.29f)

Author: Wejer

Since I started playing Civ 3, even after the installation of 1.29f patch, I noticed there were lots of things I wanted to change, for game balance and for fun. I have in this mod merely changed the game rules, not added graphics or new elements.

Once again, this mod works ONLY with Civilization 3 Vanilla, patch 1.29f.


1. Unzip the attached file
2. Place readme.doc anywhere accesible
3. Place BBB_Mod.bic in Scenario folder (anytime you want to start a game with the mod changes, use "Load Scenario" from main menu)
4. Open Text folder. Rename the existing "Civiliopedia.txt" (NOT the one in the .zip file) to "Civilopedia1.txt".
5. Put the "Civilopedia.txt" (from the .zip file) in the Text folder. If you did step 4. right, the original "Civiliopedia.txt"-file will not be deleted.


1. Delete "readme.doc"
2. Delete "BBB_Mod.bic"
3. Delete "Civilopedia.txt" (and rename "Civilopedia1.txt" to "Civilopedia.txt")


Post here, or e-mail me: Flame_martin@hotmail.com


Find it here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showpost.php?p=8580315&postcount=3


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Read-Me, (B)igger/(B)etter/(B)alanced-Mod
26th June 2007, version 1.01

- Communist governments are now immune to “Expose Mole”. Unit support is now 3 per town, 6 per city and 9 per metropolis.
- Democratic governments’ workers work 200% faster instead of 150%. They also recruit Elite diplomats (that can be used for espionage).

Wonders, Small Wonders and SS Components
- Cure for Cancer makes 3 citizens happy (instead of 1). It now adds a free Hospital in every city.
- SETI Program costs 800 shields (instead of 1000 shields)
- The Great Library costs 300 shields (instead of 400 shields). It now also doubles scientific research in the city (that is, until it gets obsolete).
- The Oracle costs 200 shields (instead of 300 shields)
- Longevity costs 800 shields (instead of 1000 shields) and can be built after researching Sanitation in the Industrial Ages (instead of Genetics in Modern Times). Also gives a free Aqueduct to every city.
- Sun Tzu’s Art of War give a Barracks in every city on the map (instead of on the continent)
- The Pyramids are rendered obsolete by Electronics.
- The Great Wall now protects every town on the continent with Walls. It no longer doubles the effect of existing Walls. It does however still give bonuses vs. barbarians.
- Manhattan Project now brings the effects of a Nuclear Plant to every city on the continent. This in addition to its original effect. Cost increased to 1000 shields.
- The Colossus is now rendered obsolete by “Steel” instead of “Flight”.
- The Theory of Evolution may now trigger Golden Age for religious civilizations.
- Shakespeare’s Theater now provides unlimited happiness in the city it is built. Also gives Golden Age to any civilization that builds it.
- Ironworks now only requires having Iron within its radius. As a set back, it now requires three maintenance per turn. It is unlocked after researching “Steel” in the Industrial ages.
- Military Academy no longer requires a victorious army to build. Instead, it requires 5 barracks in your other cities.
- SS Components have been made approximately 50% more expensive to construct
- SS Life Support System is available with “Recycling” instead of “Superconductor”
- SS Engine is available with “Superconductor” instead of “Space Flight”
- SS Thrusters is available with “Space Flight” instead of “Satellites”.
- SS Docking Bay is available with “Satellites” instead of “Space Flight”
- SS Stasis Chambers is available with “Superconductor” instead of “Synthetics Fibres”
- SS Storage/Supply is available with “Genetics” instead of “Synthetic Fibres”

City improvements (and Wealth)
- The Coliseum now provides an increased 50% entertainment bonus, which is applied if you spend money on Entertainment (luxury slider). This is in addition to its 2 happy faces.
- Wealth’s shield cost per gold reduced from 8:1 to 4:1. Economics decreases the cost to 2:1.
- The following improvements have been made cheaper: Hydro Plants (40), Airports (40), and Solar Plants (80) – (Change in shields)
- Airports require one less gold per turn and SAM batteries no longer require maintenance.
- Recycling Centres will now increase shield production slightly (25%), if you have a factory. Cost increased by 40 shields to 240 shields.
- Building a Barracks now requires you to research Warrior Code first
- Research Labs no longer produce pollution
- “SAM Missile Battery” renamed to “SAM Battery” (“Surface-to-Air-Missile Battery”)

Resources and Terrain
- Horses and Saltpeter now give +1 food (in addition to the +1 commerce)
- Iron give +2 shields (instead of +1)
- Coastal, Sea and Ocean squares no longer give a defensive bonus
- Forests and Jungles will take only half the time to chop down than before
- Desert squares no longer produce anything (zero) when unimproved. Although, when irrigated they provide +2 food (+3 with railroad) and when mined they provide +2 shields (+3 with railroad).
- Tundra squares no longer produce anything (zero) when unimproved. Although, when mined they provide +2 shields (+3 with railroad).
- Jungle squares give +1 shield (in addition to the +1 food). Movement cost reduced from 3 to 2.

Ground units
- Scouts now have 1 movement point, but instead they treat all terrain as roads
- Leaders gain 1 attack, 1 defense and 1 bonus hit point, as well as the chance to withdraw from combat if fighting a slow opponent. Leaders of earlier times may be resurrected after the discovery of Genetics, for 1000 shields.
- Army shield cost reduced to 100 shields (from 400 shields), and gain a Pillage ability.
- Marines are buffed to 14/8/1 but cost 120 shields (instead of 100 shields)
- Paratroopers are buffed to 8/14/1 but cost 120 shields (instead of 100 shields). They no longer require Oil to create. Operational range (for Airdrop) increased to 8 squares.
- Chariots and Egyptian War Chariots gain +1 hit point, making them harder to kill
- Archers, Babylonian Bowmen and Longbowmen gain a bombard ability (2, 3 and 4, respectively)
- Musket men and French Musketeers shield cost reduced to 50 shields (from 60 shields)
- Riflemen shield cost reduced to 70 (from 80)
- Swordsmen may upgrade into Longbowmen
- Longbowmen are available with the discovery of “Feudalism” instead of “Invention”. They may upgrade into Cavalry
- Cavalry and Russian Cossacks may upgrade to Tanks
- Infantry attack strength increased by one. New stats are 7/10/1.
- Mech. Infantries now have combat stats 13/17/2, a slight modification. Also note that they may no longer be drafted with the “Draft”-button - However, it is still possible to upgrade drafted Infantries to Mech. Infantries for 40 gold.
- Modern Armor Defensive value reduced to 14 (from 16)
- Catapults now have 5 bombardment (instead of 4)
- Cannons now have 15 bombardment (instead of 8). Cost increased by 10 shields.
- Artillery now have 15 bombardment (instead of 12). They also require Rubber to create, and gain the Wheel disability (Cannot enter Mountains and Jungles unless on a road)
- Radar Artillery now has 20 bombardment (instead of 16). They may now move 2 squares per turn, but require Oil and Rubber (in addition to the Aluminum).
- Cruise Missile shield cost cut to 50 shields (from 60 shields). They have 4 extra bombardment and may be fired from 4 squares away (instead of 2)

Naval Units
- Frigates gain one more attack- and bombardment-point 3(3)/2/4. They may upgrade to Destroyers.
- Privateers have been buffed. They now have the combat values 3(2)/1/4 and gain a Zone of Control and the Blitz ability. Their ability to disguise their nationality remains. They may upgrade to Submarines.
- Ironclads are now available with “Industrialization” instead of “Steam Power”, and may upgrade to Battleships.
- Transports now carries 6 units instead of 8, but cost 20 less shields to build.
- Submarines now cost 90 shields (instead of 100 shields), and move 4 squares (instead of 3). They may upgrade into Nuclear Submarines
- Battle Ships now cost 180 shields (instead of 200 shields), but will move 4 squares per turn (reduced from 5). Bombardment increased to 10 (from 8).
- Destroyers may upgrade to AEGIS Cruisers
- AEGIS Cruisers now cost 150 shields (instead of 160 shields), has 15-attack strength (instead of 12) and 6 bombardment (instead of 4)
- Nuclear Submarines now move 5 squares per turn (instead of 4), has 10 attack strength (instead of 8) and 6 defensive strength (instead of 4). Cost is reduced to 120 shields (from 140 shields).
- Carriers are available with “Flight” instead of “Mass Production”

Air Units
- Stealth Fighters and Bombers gain a 2-point defensive value
- Fighters, Jet Fighters and Stealth Fighters gain 4-bombardment power (instead of 2)
- Stealth Bombers cost 180 shields (Instead of 240 shields)
- Helicopters may carry 4 units (instead of 1).
Unique Units
- French Musketeers now have two more attack strength than normal Musket men, instead of just one.
- Indian War Elephants now have one bonus hit point, making them harder to kill
- Japanese Samurais now have the combat values 5/3/2 instead of 4/4/2.
- Roman Legionaries and Persian Immortals may upgrade into Cavalry.
- Greek Hoplites upgrade to Riflemen instead of Musketmen.
- Babylonian Bowmen new stats are 3(3)/1/1, transforming them into “mini longbowmen” instead of “archer/spearman combo”. They may upgrade to Cavalry.
- Russian Cossacks gain the Blitz ability, in addition to the extra defensive point.
- English Men-o-war are now much more powerful than ordinary frigates 4(4)/3/4 (compared to 3(3)/2/4) and gain a Lethal Bombardment ability. They may upgrade to Destroyers.
- American F-15s now have 2 movement points. This will make them able to perform 2 air missions per turn. This includes any combination of Re-Base, Bombing Run and Precision Strike.
- Units, techs, improvements and resources that have been changed in this mod have had their civilopedia entries successfully updated, hopefully.
- New sections about Theater and Entertainment
- Noted that the Ironworks, Airports and Offshore Platforms produce pollution
- Technology will now note if it causes a Wonder to expire
- Noted that Writing allows trading of communications
- Noted that Economics improves the effects of Wealth
- Noted that Recycling grants you shields when selling city improvements
- Noted that you can Plant Forests in tundra squares
- Etc. Etc.

- Conscript units have 3 hit points instead of 2. This makes barbarian units as well as drafted units stronger. They do still require the same amount of experience to advance to regular, veteran and elite.
- Bonus values against barbarians have been changed for each difficulty level. Chieftain is 300% (instead of 800%), Warlord is 225% (instead of 400%), Regent is 150% (instead of 200%), Monarch is the same (100%), Emperor is 66% (instead of 50%) and Deity is 33% (instead of 0%).
- Minimum research time reduced from 4 turns to a single turn.
- Future Tech Cost reduced from 4k beakers to 2k beakers.
- Scientists now give 2 beakers (instead of 1).
- Tax Collectors give 2 gold (instead of 1).
- Steal World Map may now be executed by Diplomats (in the Ancient Era!!)
- “Navigation” renamed to “Exploration”.

Other Unit Flags
- Airlift flag added to Settler, Worker, Scout, Explorer, Leader and all Artillery-units.
- Defensive flag removed from Russian Cossacks, Babylonian Bowmen and Japanese Samurai.
- Offensive flag removed from Riflemen, Infantry, Mech. Infantry and Paratrooper.


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Read-Me, (B)igger/(B)etter/(B)alanced-Mod
24th October 2009, version 1.02

- Tax collector renamed “Businessman”
- Businessman now produce 3 gold (increase from 2)
- Businessman now require “Currency”
- Scientist now produce 3 beakers (increase from 2)
- Scientist now requires “Alphabet”

- Bronze Working, Alphabet, Pottery, Warrior Code and Ceremonial Burial now all cost 40 beakers each. (in line with that of The Wheel and Masonry)
- Mysticism now costs 60 beakers (increase from 40)
- Literature, Printing Press, Economics, Sanitation now required for Era Advancement
- Navigation now costs 400 beakers (increase from 560)

Combat experience bonuses
- Conscript units no longer have a chance to retreat from losing battles (decrease from 33%)
- Regular units now retreat only 33% of the time (decrease from 50%)
- Veteran units now retreat only 50% of the time (decrease from 58%)

General Settings
- Wealth now only requires 2 shields for every 1 gold and with Economics only a single shield for every 1 gold. (Decrease from 4:1/2:1)
- Shield Value in gold (when using “hurry production” with cash) is now 3 gold per shield (decrease from 4)
- Turn Penalty for Hurry Sacrifice now only 10 turns (decrease from 20)
- Forest Value in Shields now 20 shields (increase from 10)
- Cities Needed to support an Army now only 2 (decrease from 4)
- Chance to Intercept Air missions now 100% (increase from 50%)
- Chance to Intercept Stealth missions now 10% (increase from 5%)
- Defensive bonus for City now 25% (decrease from 50%)
- Defensive bonus for Metropolis now 50% (decrease from 100%)
- Defensive bonus of Fortress now 25% (decrease from 50%)
- Barbarians now produce Chariots instead of Horsemen

- Switched the Ruler Titles of Democracy for those of Republic, and vice versa.
- Foreign Nations can no longer Build an Embassy in another state which is already in Anarchy
- Despotism, Monarchy and Communism may now have 8/12/16 military police (increase from 2/3/4).
- Monarchy and Communism Draft Limit now 3 and 4 (increase from 2)
- Communism now have 12 free units per Metropolis (increase from 9)

Buildings and Wonders
- Palace now gives 1 happy face in its city
- Walls now provide a 25% defensive bonus (decrease from 50%)
- University now costs 160 shields (decrease from 200)
- Recycling Center no longer increases Production
- Hydro Plant now costs 160 shields (decrease from 200)
- Nuclear Plant now costs 160 shields (decrease from 240); it now produces a 50% increase in production (decrease from 100%); it can no longer explode or meltdown, nor does it need to be close to a water source in order to operate
- Research Lab no longer produces culture.
- Police Station now available with Nationalism (change from Communism)
- FIX: Shakespeare’s Theatre now correctly grants happiness in its city location.
- Heroic Epic now requires Literature.
- Forbidden Palace now requires Monarchy.
- Iron Works again requires the Coal resource (along with the Iron resource). However, it no longer requires those two resources to be within the same city radius – instead, it requires 5 factories in your other cities.
- Military Academy.
- Military Academy and Pentagon now produce veteran Ground, Sea and Air units, as well as decreasing War Weariness (both in their city of residence only).
- Wall Street now costs 400 shields (instead of 300); it also gains a +50% tax revenue bonus in its city of residence.
- Intelligence Agency now costs 200 shields (instead of 400).
- United Nations now trigger Golden Age for Militaristic and Religious civilizations (change from Commercial).

Natural resources
- Bonus resources no longer randomly disappear from time to time. To compensate for this, the resource “appearance ratio” has been altered to reflect this change.
- Gold is now a luxury resource.
- Gems, Furs, Gold and Ivory may now appear randomly. (Chance: 1/400 each turn)
- Horse now produces 0/1/1 (Food/Shields/Commerce) instead of 1/0/1
- Coal now produces 0/2/0 instead of 0/2/1
- Oil now produces 0/3/0 instead of 0/1/2
- Rubber now produces 0/2/0 instead of 0/0/2
- Uranium now produces -1/4/0 instead of 0/2/3
- Dye now produces 0/0/2 instead of 0/0/1
- Incense now produces 0/0/2 instead of 0/0/2
- Cattle now produces 1/1/0 instead of 2/1/0
- Fish now produces 2/0/0 instead of 2/0/1

- Defence bonus now 0% for Desert, Grassland, Plains, Tundra and Flood Plains (decrease from 10%); now 25% for Hills (decrease from 50%); now 50% for Mountains (decrease from 100%)
- Ivory may now appear in Tundra
Worker jobs
- Building a Railroad now only requires Iron to build (and no longer Coal).
- Clear Forest now takes 8 turns (increase from 5)
- Clear Jungle now takes 12 turns (increase from 8)
- Plant Forest now takes 12 turns (decrease from 18)

- Settler shield cost now 70 (increase from 30); no longer consumes population when constructed (decrease from 2).
- Worker shield cost now 30 (increase from 10); no longer consumes population when constructed (decrease from 1).
- Expansionist Civilizations (Russia, America, Zululand, Iroquois and England) now have access to special Fast Settler and Fast Worker units. These have the added benefit of 2 movement points (increase from 1).
- Explorer shield cost now 40 shields (increase from 20)
- Paratrooper flagged “Defensive unit”
- Catapults, Artillery, Cannon and Chariots are no longer blocked by Jungle and Mountains.
- Tanks/Panzer now cost 120 shields (increase from 100); Mech. Infantries now cost 140 shields (increase from 110); Modern Armour now costs 160 shields (increase from 120).
- Modern Armour now have 2 movement points (decrease from 3); defence is now 12 (decrease from 14).
- War Chariot no longer shares the +1 HP bonuses that Chariot has.
- Knight/Rider/Samurai now has 2 defence (decrease from 3); Shield cost now 60 (decrease from 70)
- Cavalry now has 2 movement points (decrease from 3)
- Catapult now has 4 bombard strength (decrease from 5), but now has a fire rate of 2 (increase from 1); Shield cost now 30 (increase from 20)
- Cannon now has 8 bombard strength (decrease from 10), but now has a fire rate of 2 (increase from 1); Shield cost now 60 (increase from 40)
- Artillery now has 12 bombard strength (decrease from 15); Shield cost now 90 (increase from 80)
- Radar Artillery now has 16 bombard strength (decrease from 20)
- Cruise Missile can now perform Lethal Air/Sea bombardment. Bombard Strength now 100 (increase from 20), but rate of fire now 1 (decrease from 3). Bombard Range now 4 (increase from 3).
- Galley now has 2 movement points (decrease from 3)
- Ironclad now has 3 movement points (decrease from 4)
- Transport and Carrier can no longer attack other ships (attack strength=0; decrease from 1)
- Transport now costs 90 shields (increase from 80).
- Carrier now costs 240 shields (increase from 180).
- Destroyer now costs 160 shields (increase from 120). Bombard Strength now 8 (increase from 6).
- Battleship now costs 240 shields (increase from 180). Bombard Strength now 12 (increase from 10)
- Submarine now costs 100 shields (increase from 90).
- Nuclear Submarine now has Defence Strength of 5 (decrease from 6).
- AEGIS Cruiser now costs 200 shields (increase from 160). Bombard Strength now 8 (increase from 6). Movement points now 6 (increase from 5)
- Fighter now costs 100 shields (increase from 80). Its Bombard Strength is now 8 (increase from 4). Its Operational Range is now 5 (increase from 4). It also gains Lethal Sea Bombardment flag.
- Bomber now costs 120 shields (increase from 100).
- Jet Fighter/F-15 now 150 shields (increase from 100). Its Bombard Strength is now 12 (increase from 4). Its Operational Range is now 7 (increase from 6). It also gains Lethal Sea Bombardment flag.
- Stealth Fighter now 180 shields (increase from 120). Its Bombard Strength is now 15 (increase from 6). Rate of Fire now 1 (decrease from 2). Operational Range is now 7 (increase from 6). It also gains Lethal Sea Bombardment flag.
- Stealth Bomber now has 12 Bombard Strength (increase from 8).
- Helicopter now costs 120 shields (increase from 100)
- Rider now has Attack Strength of 5 (increase from 4); it has 2 movement points (decrease from 3)
- Samurai now has Attack Strength of 4 (increase from 5); it has a Defensive Strength of 4 (increase from 2). Unit is now also flagged as “Defensive”
- Cossack now has Defensive Strength of 5 (increase from 4). Unit is now also flagged as “Defensive”
- Panzer Attack Strength now 18 (increase from 16); Defensive Strength now 10 (increase from 8); Movement points now 2 (decrease from 3)
- Privateer loses its Bombard, but now has Defensive Strength of 2 (increase from 1)
- Indian War Elephants now require Ivory resource in order to be constructed.

- Civilopedia Updated to reflect changes above.


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Hot fix

Seems there has been an error with my newly introduced Fast Worker and Fast Settler units that causes the game to crash.

If you experience this troubleshooting: Copy the files in attached download into file directory "Civilization III/Art/units"


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