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Jun 6, 2009
EDITED 10/30/2018

For those who enjoy the Battletech/Mechwarrior series, this mod customizes the original civilizations to be modeled after the various galactic factions found in the games and lore. The civilizations are broken down into three groups for a total of 14 civs:

1) The Great Houses: Draconis Combine (with Theodore Kurita), Federated Suns (with Hanse Davion), Lyran Commonwealth (with Katrina Steiner), Capellan Confederation (with Maximilian Liao), and Free Worlds League (with Thomas Marik). These are the largest of the factions and start with an additional settler bonus (translating into six free settlers in the modern era).

2) Minor Periphery States: Marian Hegemony (with Julius O'Reilly), Taurian Concordat (with Thomas Calderon), Magistracy of Canopus (with Emma Centrella), Free Rasalhague Republic (with Haakon Magnusson) and the Oberon Confederation (with Hendrik Grimm III). No bonuses for these, making them more difficult to play.

3) The Clans (the four that participated in the 3050 Invasion): Clan Wolf (with Ulric Kerensky), Clan Jade Falcon (with Marthe Pryde), Clan Ghost Bear (with Bjorn Jorgensson), and Clan Smoke Jaguar (with Leo Showers). Since the Clans are considered to be technologically advanced, these are all given a unique OmniMech unit (derived from the Panzer) that will thrash tanks and mech infantry, as well as Research Institutes.

Here are some additional changes:

-Unique buildings for some civs have been switched and renamed.
-The unique units of the non-clan civilizations have been renamed, but not customized, in case players want to start on earlier eras.
-All cities for the civs have been renamed after their respective planets.
-The United Nations has been renamed The Star League and is 50% more expensive to construct.
-While flags do not have any new logos, the images and colors have been switched around to look appropriate (the Draconis Combine looks especially good with vanilla assets).
-Leader traits have been reconfigured to match lore. For example, Theodore Kurita is aggressive and imperialistic, by virtue of the Combine's philosophy of conquest.
-All Clan leaders are modeled after Montezuma, making them utterly unpredictable and focused on war. They still have their own unique traits, however.
-Barbarian states are now called Bandit Kingdoms. Their cities are named after periphery planets and are allowed to build stronger units.
-Barbarian activity has been amplified for noble difficulty and higher, increasing spawn rate.

This mod is best played on the following settings in custom mode:
-Modern Era.
-Aggressive AI.
-Permanent Alliances if you wish to see, for example, a Federated Commonwealth (Lyran+Federation).
-Do not allow for more than 14 slots.
-This mod has been merged with XXL World to play on larger map sizes (highly recommended). All credit on this front goes to the original author, NeverMind.

There is a custom music folder that utilizes the tracks from MW 2, MW 2 Mercs, and MW4 Vengeance. However, I can't seem to upload it due to file restrictions. Help with this is appreciated, since it adds to the immersion.

I do not intend to add new units, animations, etc. This would take too much time for me, but if others wish to try, feel free. I could add modern UUs to the non-Clan civs with vanilla graphics, but in my opinion, the Clans are best left to have their advantage, forcing the players to ally with the Great Houses to stave off their invasions.

Please feel free to post constructive feedback or suggestions, as well as bug reports. Enjoy!


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