[NFP] Bermuda Triangle

I think I was able to get a city working two tiles adjacent to it (both gave +5 science) but that was all I could get within three tiles of the city center no matter where I settled. Didn't think to get a screenshot tho, and at this point I have no idea what save file it'd be in.
I find Bermuda Triangle to be almost as infuriating as Krakatoa was in Civ 5. Which is to say, I haven't had much luck in working the Bermuda Triangle.
I've had it appear only once so far in my games, and it was in the centre of a fairly big bay. As it was further than 4 hexes from any of my cities, I couldn't do anything but grumble under my breath.

It turned up in my current game, but it's out in the middle of an ocean, so once again it can't be exploited for the science bonuses. Shame, really.

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I once had it spawn 2 tiles from land (thanks ynamp) and managed to work most of its tiles
needless to say i jumped so hard in science i thought of forgoing campuses
Surely it is for seasteads, it is not like we can gather science off it now IRL.... It is just a fantasy teleporter with late game science. It is not like you need more early, not at that level.

the game just feels like it is being stretched now in directions I did not expect to pay for.
I paid the money and still have a shoddy bug ridden game which is now leaving its grass root players a bit out of pocket IMO.
Surely it is for seasteads, it is not like we can gather science off it now IRL.... It is just a fantasy teleporter with late game science. It is not like you need more early, not at that level.

How do you mean? If it's range to work early, that could be a rather large percentage boost to your science output. I'd be curious what the spawn criteria for it is (ie minimum distance from land/coast) and thus whether it is more likely to spawn and be workable in, say, an islands or archipelago map.

Early/Mid game let's say you've got 100 science, a +10 science tile is a 10% increase. Late game when you've got 1000+ science, +10 is =<1%.
Had it show up in one game. It had a one-tile island within range to work some of its tiles.

Funny thing. I sent ships through it and had one galley end up in a small polar sea area that had no access to the rest of the world. Because it was off-map in essence, I could move it in that little sea, but couldn't delete it. I thought I took a screen shot, but can't find it. <sigh>

The +1 movement bonus is only for ships. I threw a few scouts into it just for a lark.

Aha, found the screen shot. Putting it in the funny screenshot thread
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Yes, you can work the tiles if you have tile yields turned on. When you see a science yield in the middle of the ocean, you can avoid the area to avoid the magical teleportation that somebody at Firaxis thought would be "cool". If teleportation was so cool, I can't believe they couldn't at least make it useful by making sure your boat could find its way back sometime before the great endgame ice melting.
This was a pretty cool location. Of course I did not explore the upper right corner before I settled my fourth city, which is quite annoying given the huge research bonus it would have given me if I settled as my second city :D.
Normal continents map. No mods.
Had a spectator game where 6 tiles were workable. Took a screenshot but civfanatics makes them too hard to upload so you'll have to take my word for it.

I echo what everyone else said: lol why is this in the game?

Yeah... tried to diety this ... not a good idea, way too much action too close to there. And it HAD to be THAT guy as a neighbor ;-( Takes out the fun of getting this kind of start. Guess I'll try at a lower level

Hmmm...fishing boat pantheon, rush the first religion, Feed the World? Mausoleum/Voidsingers OCC, or vampire, and sharpen its fangs on that "way too much action?"

If it's as hard as you say, maybe Immortal, or Heroes Mode and hope for early Hercules. :)

Edit: nvm, SS mode changes the map. It's an interesting start though. 2 words: Toa rush.
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