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May 18, 2007
Regina, Saskatchewan

So, I've been thinking lately that I'd really like to try and get into MP Civ. I think my skills have gotten good enough on single player that I can at least be competitive with other humans and I think that dealing with humans would make for a much more interesting diplomatic front than with the predictable AI.

I'm just wondering how you veteren MP players do it. I've tried a few times with the ingame multiplayer option, but I wasn't impressed (granted I've only tried a handful of times). I found a lot of games where teams were set up and always war was selected, which is not how I lilke to play Civ. If I wanted that, I'd go play Starcraft. I'm also confused and intrigued by this Pitboss contraption. Can anyone clarify what exactly it is and how it works?

Basically, I'm wondering what the best approach to MP is.

Thanks! :D
If you don't like war, you won't be glad at MP - war is more important in MP than SP, because if you're weak, someone else will actually notice this (maybe even without compairng powergraphs as the AI does), and beat you up. More land is more score. Also, you will be seriously challenged in the techrace, having enemies that beeline, lightbulb, and maybe even outrace you. Also, if you're not in for the early axerush-wars, you might aswell play SP. Unless ofcourse it's islands, in which case you will need a fleet to make sure you're not killed immidietly.

just my 2:commerce:
My friends and I like to play permanent surrender rules... it keeps players in the game while we are lanning, instead of having people lose and just sit out for hours and hours. Basically, if both you and the target civ agree that you can easily wipe them out, they can permanently surrender to you. Then you 2 can fight side by side and try to dominate the world.

Real players are evil, devious beasts by the way. I've declared war on someone just so my starting scout could sit on one of my opponent's 3-food squares early game to limit his growth.

Also, always try to appear strong. Make sure that anyone that ever declares war on you pays dearly for it. Use whips liberally...

I try to do this permanent surrender thing to all of my friends that I play with. Its the only way I can ever trust them... if I don't, they'll backstab me.
It's not that I don't like war. Diamondeye. but I don't like it when it's all there is. To me, Civ is so much more than a simple war game that I hate to see it reduced to one. I'm wondering what the best mechanic to use to play MP is.
You have to build armies because otherwise they will. The most efficient thing to do with a built army is to use it.

This is why war is necessary.
I would suggest finding a group of people that enjoy playing with similar preferences you enjoy. This can be hard because you run into this guy alot:

And even in the game people are so intent on getting their next turn, they hardly have the patience to wait for someone who needs to use the full 90 secs for their turn on blazing. But there are some players out there that do not mind playing longer games with more strategy being invested than simple rushes. I have played with a few. The more you play with the same people the easier it is to organize MP games.
I mostly play with RL friends.if you play 3 I can invite you into our games. But it will probably be a while before they get 4 as their systems aren't capable of running it. And it will be quite a while before they upgrade most likely as they just recently got 3, so it's like a whole new world to explore as it is.

Best advice though concerning playing a game that isn't entirely warfare driven though is to find a group. You might even check into those ladders they have going, which sort of rates you as a player. Not so much as skill but as to how reliable you are. (As in don'tquit in the middle of a game.) I havent done ladders myself though in 4. But you may be able to find some like-minded people there. You may also check with people on this site and see if anyone is interested in setting up a new group game or something. The more people that join though, the harder it will be to get everyone's schedule to line up to pick it back up though.

And I don't know about PitBoss, kind of curious about what that is myself. Good Luck, Pimp. [pimp]
Thanky, King, I appreciate it :D I'm trying to convert a few RL friends to Civ, their Risk fans but not much for video games, but I'm tryin'. I think I will ask around this site and try and find/start an MP group. Not before I fix my wireless internet problems, though. It's no fun for anyone when one person's internet suddenly dies for 5 minutes...Bleh.
Warring with simultaneous turns be interesting as well... speed is sometimes necessary, and stack attacking at times is a must.
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