[Beta-test] v.45 beta 4


Jul 23, 2015
Its not working for me, I tried all difficulties and its always 2 for germany and also other nations :/
If I play in Hotseat mod its working.


May 28, 2008
A masterpiece of all mods for CIV5 . Already spend around 50 hours +
Playing USSR with railroads maintainance = 1, Prince , Maginot Line hitstory, scripts off.

I will not repeat the bla bla this is a superb mod and so on, everybody knows it )

- Naval sub AI is very well effective , but overall naval AI is rather bad. Battleships facing other battleship fires at a city ( lol) , AI is using bombardment promotions everytime for all navals. Not targeting with gives naval bonus.
Battleship and cruiser land attack is extremely poor.
Overall navy is very passive, add search and destroy scipt for all navy as it is done for subhunters.

Air AI. Very well done almost in every aspect . low chances AI interceptors bomb cities or heavy bombers bomb naval. But overall support damage of air force is weak and resource costly. Bombing cities calls a bug when enemy city regen bombed HP multiple times at one turn. Making heavy bombers almost useless.
Too low damage for fortified land units - for example my PE-2 do 4 or even 3 damage for infantry in forest and got back -2 HP . Very resource costly especially in 1942 when a lage scale war is going is on all fronts.

Land combat - like it. No minuses.

Strategic balance .
USSR is very very weak . low economy, little production, army and navy is less then France. Are you guys kidding?? USSR AI never do researches.
I played several times as UK and tried to do my best but every time USSR lost Moscow by the end 1941 . One time it lost Leningrad to Finland in 1939 lol ))

Africa -
need at least one prdoctive city for England as Africa is lost too fast by UK AI.

Resourses. Total disagree with current productive saving building capabilities. Income is too great for a start and no deposits for saving. Lots of resourses is lost and a very bad deficit of them after 1941 when Barbarossa starts.
AI healing rate is always 5 no matter the resource shortage. something is wrong bad in a script.
by the mid I cannot continue war as my materiel is -1900 and healing rate is one HP per turn, while AI do 5 HP no matter what.

Germain AI is a killer , allies need buffs, Russia need additional scripts after Kiev , Smolensk and Minsk lost. There should be a great scripted punch by Soviets in december 1941

March 1943, seems UK AI is dead, has - 1000 oil and -200 gold per turn. My troops are coming to Warsaw, Bucharest and Lvov, German AI is spawning enless infantry war is not over and the victory is uncertain

Thanks for reading
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