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Better Civlopedia

Discussion in 'CivBE - Requests and Ideas' started by Iapetus303, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Iapetus303

    Iapetus303 Chieftain

    May 18, 2008
    Are there any mods that improve the Civlopedia?

    For me, there are several serious problems with it:

    1) The layout is bad (unintuitive).
    I find it really hard to find information about things. For example, the meaning of the icons at the top are not clear. Many of the chapters are poorly organised. And there are insufficient links between pages.

    In particular, in my first game, I was trying to work out what various resources provided, what improvements I needed to exploit them, what techs I needed to do so, and what units or buildings required them. In BE, to find out what a resource does, you have to:
    *Open the Resources page of the pedia
    *Remember what it is called (because there are no pictures)
    *Click the resource
    *Click the Improvement link to find out what the improved yield is and what tech you need
    *Search through all the units individually to find out whether they need it or not.
    Contrast Civ IV:
    *Open the resources page of the pedia
    *Identify it by name or on-map appearence
    And you will then see: improved and unimproved yields, improvements required, techs required, and units and buildings that use it.

    2) It's hard to read
    Small text, poor colour-contrast (seriously - light-blue text on a medium or dark blue background? :rolleyes:)

    3) No unit pictures.
    The unit pages should show what the units actually look like in-game. Also, the unit page should list the upgrades and upgrade path. You shouldn't have to navigate to a different section to see a list of upgrades.

    So - are there any mods that address these problems? Which preferably turn civlopedia into something similar to that in Civ IV? (Or failing that, at least bring it up to the Civ V standard).

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