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Civ2 MGE several fixes and additions with support for music tracks

Maybe a way to remove the units killing on stack? I was able to find a patch once, it worked but was breaking other things.
Yes, there is such a method, it has been added to the modification, I’ll try to transfer it here by selecting the rules.txt file settings. Then all units will be destroyed one by one as if they were in a fortress or city
Not killing units on stack would make game too easy even on deity difficulty.
Not killing units on stack would make game too easy even on deity difficulty.

I prefer, as much as you do, that the stack be killed. However, other players may prefer different settings. The question price is just another line in the RULES, where each player can choose whether to kill the stack or not.

It is really very, very convenient when the maximum number of settings are included in the RULES for management. The Russian version of the modification currently has 40 lines that regulate the basic parameters of the game.
Masterwork! Now, war fronts, amphibious landings etc. make much more sense, this is a totally realism improvement!
Using the GIMP program you can import in MGE any images from TOT (TOTPP). If, of course, they fit into a standard MGE file. I've imported the latest graphics from Fairline and other design masters into MGE and it works.

For example, graphics from the Napoleon scenario imported into MGE. It seems the quality of the drawings has remained almost the same.


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