[BTS] BOTM 239: The Three Musketeers, Immortal - Final Spoiler - Game Submitted

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Sep 6, 2012
BOTM 239: The Three Musketeers, Immortal - Final Spoiler - Game Submitted

Use this thread to tell us what happened in your game, particularly anything after 1AD, did you liberate Paris? How tough was it? Did you win?

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This was a great map and setup! :hatsoff:
As mentioned in the 1st spoiler thread, I captured Paris at 0AD, eliminating the Zulu (got started by taking out Germany first).
Next I went for China (last city on the continent taken 940AD) and then India (eliminated 1370AD), using basically siege (cats and later trebs) and swords and later musketeers.
After these wars I had 39 cities and was planning to pursue my usual spaceship victory, (would learn Rocketry in 2t), but as I had inherited the AP from Gandhi I suddenly got lazy and decided to accept the opportunity of getting a very late religious victory in 1560AD. :blush:
Now onto the King Arthur game. :)
Thanks for the game, @Noble Zarkon !
My Shaka was very lucky at the start of my game.
TWO Great Scientists from Paris and then Alphabet around 2500BC on Immortal :eek:
Spoiler :

Even 1000 years later, he teched Code of Laws, but not Mining.
Not sure why I could never trade him Mining.
Spoiler :

So my early goal was to settle 2 gift cities close enough to Shaka to get +3 Liberate and +4 Fair Trade for a long time.
Adopted his religion and friendly Shaka teched all kinds of things for me!

Things were a bit rough because I kept accidently declaring war.
Worst was when my Great Merchant ended its turn next to Shaka's giant stack of doom and then woops, there goes the war again.
I panicked for a good minute, but then realized he had no Open Borders with Babylon and everything was fine. :whew:
Shaka was going to be invaded in 5 turns anyway.
Spoiler :

At the end, getting conquest was quite hard without going over the domination limit with no city-razing setting.
Went way over conquering the last cities and won the 50% chance to get Conquest over Domination since I qualified for both. :D
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To achieve conquest must have required some planning...... like conquering the last 30-ish cities in 5 turns (?), nice job.

Kept it simple myself. Eliminated everyone in the ''old world''. Saladin and Wang simultaneously (Wang had AP but never used it), then Gandhi - Shaka - Hammi. Toppled domination while I landed on SB's land, didn't get to take any of his cities. I also settled the south pole islands.

All the heroes survived and were all promoted general. I upgraded the musketeers to rifle on a poor moment. They lost there 2-move and suddenly were much less involved in the train of sieges. It took a while before I could add the 2-move promo to restore this.

This was a very nice set up. Curious to see which city people took for a start. Some have mentioned it, Well done finding Berlin by the way, I didn't have the patience. Beijing was nice spot/area too, more risky too take but no Shaka on my doorstep.
Just wanted to thank you guys for keeping the gotm games going with such creative games. I think I submitted my contender save game on time with a space victory 1555 AD. I avoided the protective AI in the beginning (just stole a worker from China) and then took Berlin. Then took Hammi's capital without losses. Then started a long war with Shaka, losing 2 of the 3 musketeers eventually. I wasn't sure how to capitalize on the unique start (for example, I didn't think to steal workers from Sitting Bull like Kaitzilla) I did send a missionary over with the galleon though and got Sittling Bull on friendly terms with me since all the other religions were started by either me or the other AI. (I also settled a silver city in the new world forgetting that I wouldn't have a connection to it and the silver until astronomy!)
Not a perfect game for sure. I triggered a golden age to switch civics around including adopting organized religion, and then forgot to adopt the religion until the turn after the golden age... I didn't realize I wasn't getting the organized religion benefit from all those whips, sigh.
Shaka did cultural bomb me early on which split my empire early. So not a unique experience there.
I was checking some things after finishing BOTM 240, and I noticed my game submission was missing for BOTM 239.

Did I mess up a save/load and get my save disallowed? :(
I got the email for BOTM 239 on August 7th.

Spoiler :
Here are the new details we have recorded.

Game:BtS BOTM 239
Date submitted:2022-08-07 21:59:11
Reference number:37755
Your name:Kaitzilla
Software Version:BtS 3.19 for Windows
Entry class:Contender
Game status:Conquest Victory for France
Game date:1180AD
Turns played:178
Base score:5626
Final score:620602
Time played:35:18:26
Submitted save:BOTM 239 T178 1180AD WIN.CivBeyondSwordSave
Renamed file:Kaitzilla_BS23901.CivBeyondSwordSave

Regards from the GOTM Staff
So the submission e-mails are still being sent?
I have no problem with my submissions, but the last e-mail I received from gotm_submit was from BOTM232.
So the submission e-mails are still being sent?
I have no problem with my submissions, but the last e-mail I received from gotm_submit was from BOTM232.
My 240 email went straight into my junk folder with no notification.

Not sure why 239 made it past the filters to land in my inbox but 240 did not. :dunno:
Looks like I'm too late to submit even as Incomplete - the second half of the timeframe overlapped with summer vacation. Thought I might play some turns in the evening and try for a space race, but nope, was having too much fun.

Wound up as a Free Religion/Free Speech Decentralized Serfdom Monarchy in 1490 AD, working on the Statue of Liberty in Berlin to celebrate our freedom of religion and speech (the fact that many people are serfs tied to their land is not important), and having just conquered the city of Babylon with Riflemen and Cavalry, the first few Cannons to arrive shortly. War weariness was really high, I didn't realize until taking Babylon that the Statue of Zeus was located there and it doubles enemy war weariness. Been too long since I played Civ4, though at least I knew not to expect it to spawn Ancient Cavalry...

We seem to be generally advanced technologically, especially in military tech, so the plan was to conquer our continent, except perhaps some of the Tundra, and then decide if we care to conquer India or just go for Space Race. But we aren't wholly the most advanced country; Korea has invested in a beeline to Physics, for example.

I also settled a Silver city in the New World, which has done a great job of convincing Sitting Bull to send his spies there to poison its wells. Hasn't provided a single shipment of silver yet though, thanks to not yet having Astronomy...
I didn't say so explicitly in my first spoiler, but I retired in 3640BC, after losing all of my musketeers. I suppose I could have sailed around with my galleon, hoping for an ambulance, but I was too demoralized and didn't have time to waste on that. (On the other hand, those turns would have been quick! And would any of the AI bother declaring on a galleon when I had no cities to capture?)

Replaying for fun, I tried the strategy of capturing a worker from Saladin and using that as bait to draw out one of his archers. Didn't work. Three times, including one at Adventurer level, where the odds were just as bad as contender, because he had contender starting units. :sad:

Others had already reported how Berlin was the weak link in the game, but what I didn't like in this game was that we had no clue that this might be the case. We had specific hints about the strengths of Shaka and Sitting Bull, as for the rest of the AI, we just knew that they had "custom" starting units. After seeing that the first three all had their cities on hill, with protective bonuses for their starting archers, why shouldn't we have assumed that all of other AI had been given this advantage, and our only option was a forlorn attack, hoping for the blessing of the RNG?

For my fourth replay, I thought of a new strategy. Instead of attacking Saladin's capital, I attacked WK, capturing a worker and razing improvements. When Shaka settled his second city, I made peace with WK and attacked Medina. That was founded on grasslands and had only one archer defending it. And, because of the "no razing" rule, that meant I could capture a 1 pop city without it auto-razing!

Well, at least this part of the strategy worked. Medina was captured in 2960 BC, after which I had to fight another long war of harassment against Saladin, waiting until I could build catapults to assault his capital. WK attacked me again, and I turned my attention to him. I finally conquered the Koreans in 620 AD and was ready to turn my attention back to Saladin, when Mao attacked me. I knew I couldn't stop him from taking at least one of my cities, and meanwhile Shaka and Sitting Bull were pulling far ahead of everyone. I decided to end this experiment I try it the way others did.

So, for my fifth and final "fun" replay, I went for Frederick first. He fell easily, then I bottled up Shaka in a long war, before destroying him in 150 AD. Ultimately I conquered all of Eurasia and fought a short war against Gandhi, to block him from achieving a cultural victory. Then it was time to face Sitting Bull, who was far ahead in tech and had launched his spaceship. It must have been nearly there, when I captured his capital, thereby destroying the ship. I managed to hold on to Cahokia and repulse his counter-invasion. Later, I destroyed a second spaceship by going back to war and capturing his new capital. He was starting work on a third ship, when I finally crossed the domination threshold in 1913.

Too bad that game doesn't count. :mischief:
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