Bureaucratic Civilisation

President Clark

Apr 4, 2002
Have any you posters used done this

*Found a large amount of cities

*All of the cities HAVE to build what improvement the Capital is Building

*All the settler units have to perform the same tasks

I have tried this and it has worked with some reason of success Some of the cities have had some difficulty (Maintaining order)
but I took some food and made an artificial famine.
I call it the ' Five year plans' put so elequently by Stalin.:tank:
Well I thought that post would get more replies than 0....oh well
I have never played that rule.

Occasionally I approximate.

A: All cities warrior - until 4

B: All cities settlers until 8 cities

C: All cities Temple

D: All cities caravans until 3 routes per city
and built desired Wonders

Later on

M: All ciities Factories

What do you do if a city finishes its building before the capital does or vic versa?
what if you want to build a wonder?..does every city have to start one?



well this is a unique type challenge.Giving yourself a handicap of sorts/

whats with all the "."s?...busted keyboard?
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