Calling all Users and Modders!

Thanks for the heads up. Will try add dependency to WHoward's mod first.

Update (19 May 2023): adding dependency info to WHoward mods fixed them. Thank you Enginseer.
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Look for
Then edit your heart's content or 9999 if you want unlimited value I guess (45 is lvl 2 and 15 xp away from lvl 3)
Set it to -1 if you want it to be unlimited.
My mods are working (in my signature).

This list will probably get out of date pretty quickly though.
The point is to get a list of what VP works and troubleshoot on somethings that may or may not work.
Minor Civs (v 1) (doesn't work)
City Minimum Yields Fix (v 2) (doesn't work)
Medieval and Renaissance Building Pack (v 1) (doesn't work)
Industrial Building Pack (v 2) (doesn't work)
Acehart Helicopters (v 7)
Acehart Ghost Snipers (v 3)
Building - Visitor Center (v 1)
City and Barb Camp Placement Fix (v 1)
Fujian Tulou (v 2)
Music Changer (v 2)
Poland War Music Replacer (v 1)
Germany War Music Replacer (v 1)
Manufactory and Customs House Improved (v 1)
Mont Saint Michel (v 1)
Realistic Unit Resource Consumption (v 1)
Resources - Copper buff (v 1)
Resource - Granary Includes Bison (v 3)
Ressource - Mint Include Copper (v 2)
Spy Headquarters (v 1)
The Golden Gate of Kiev (v 1)
Town Square (v 22)
UI - Destination (v 4)
UI - Diary (v 21)
Unique Unit Lines (v 3)
Units - Airship and Land Ironclad (v 3)
Units - Throwing Axeman (v 4)
War - Less Damaged Captured Cities (v 3)
TimberMod (v 3)
I'm curious how this plays with VP -- are AI able to work with it? Are there any aspects it really gets stuck on? Won't happen immediately, but I'd like to look at doing a mod of VP's strategic resources, and this comes to mind as a potential starting point for further modding.

re OP, I'll review mods I have posted over next few weeks and edit this post with list of currently compatible ones.


Its taken me all Summer but I now have relatively recent updates/testing on just about everything I've posted previously on these boards. Some listed here, towards the bottom of the list, may still need the dependencies manually updated to reflect recent promo icon mergers etc. to the main mod:

Working in VP 3.0+/ongoing development
Maritime Battles+
Exploration Heritage

Working in VP 3.0+/development complete
refugees (whowards' population) for VP
hex conquer for VP v4 & v5
Recon Terrain Specialization (retiring, last compatible VP version will be 3.7.12)

Retired mods (still functional in 3.0+, but w/ unintended effects or partial incompatibilities)
Perfidious Recon Units
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Can we say that a mod is actually "compatible" and working if the log files report so? Simply adding a mod and loading a game without a subsequent crash isn't too good of an indicator. Log output will show obvious errors and warnings, sometimes continual spam.
Can we say that a mod is actually "compatible" and working if the log files report so? Simply adding a mod and loading a game without a subsequent crash isn't too good of an indicator. Log output will show obvious errors and warnings, sometimes continual spam.
It's not compatible if the mod doesn't work properly nor as intended.
You can call a mod compatible if it's working properly as intended, but not designed with VP in mind.
I tend to use mostly UI / ease of use mods, not looking to change / turbo-charge VP, so haven't even tried custom civs nor 3rd/4th Unique Components.

My 3.5 mod list:

(text) Promotion Overhaul for VP
Improved City View (v 18)
UI - Map Pins (v 17)
UI - Military Log (v 2)
UI - Reworked Top Panel (v4)
UI - Small Resource Icons (v4)
(ui) City-States Leaders for VP (v16)
(ui) List Enhancements for VP (v6.1)
(ui) Trade Opportunities for VP (v12)
(ui) Wonder Planner For VP
(overhaul) Enhanced Air Warfare 4VP (v 1.9)
(overhaul) Enhanced Naval Warfare for Vox Populi (v 2.1)
Unit Production AI (v 2)
Wonder Race (v 7)
600 Percent Tech Cost (v 1)
Gibraltar, Reef & Krakatoa Fixes (v 101)
Lake Victoria Fix (v 2)
Krakow Cloth Hall (v 1)
Foltest of Temeria (v 1)
Fujian Tulou (v 2)
Banaue Rice Terraces VP (v 1)
Cloud Improvement (v 1)
Units - Prospectors (v 8)
Units - Subs Immune Under Ice (v 2)
Units - Subs Ignore Borders (v 3)
Ski Resort and Marina Building for VP (v 1)
Exploration Heritage (v 1)
Perfidious Recon Units (v 1)
Unique Improvement - Tipi (v 2)
Unique Unit - Longboat (v 6)
CoastalFortress (v 2)
Watchtower (v 2)
Global - Faith Purchases in Puppets (v 1)
Units - Brigantine (v 1)
Units - Ranged Pillage (v 1)
Buildings - Goldsmith (v 4) (doesn't work)
Units - Herdsmen (v 12)
Units - Mounted Units (v 11)
Lake Improvements (v 3)
Gibraltar, Reef & Krakatoa Fixes (v 101)
Lake Victoria Fix (v 2)
Unique Improvement - Tipi (v 2)
These are unnecessary. NW placement is already fixed on VP and Tipi is reused as Shoshone's Encampment.
3/4 UC V85
Even More Resources V10
Really Advanced Setup V15
Enhanced Naval Warfare V2.1
Subs Ignore Borders for ENW V1
Engisneer's Wholesome Tweaks V5
(BNW) Leugi's Barbarian Inmersion Enhancements (v 1) (doesn't work)
Barbarian Spawn Increase (v 2) (doesn't work)
Civ6 Tech Name Change (v 1) for Civ5 (doesn't work)
Early Polders (v 1) (doesn't work)
Super Starter Settler (v 1) (doesn't work)
UI - Military Log (v 2)
Helicopters Can Fly Over Water (v 3)
City and Barb Camp Placement Fix (v 1)
War - Less Damaged Captured Cities (v 3)
Units - Throwing Axeman (v 4)
Mont Saint Michel (v 1)
The Golden Gate of Kiev (v 1)
No XP Cap from Barbarians (v 1)
Barbarians - Unlimited Exp (v 2)
Terrain - Terrace Farm Extension (v 3)
Terrain - Moai Extension (v 3)
Terrain - Tipi (v 5)
Terrain Names Corrected (v 2)
Fortress Borders - Outposts (v 6)
Landmines for BNW (v 3)
Ancol Dreamland (v 1)
Apadana Wonder (v 1)
Buildings - Upgrade System (v 12)
Would be easier if these tiny mods was in just one package. Like for a mod for civ iv. One mod that contain everything.
Would be easier if these tiny mods was in just one package. Like for a mod for civ iv. One mod that contain everything.
The keyword here is "Would."
But some of these tiny mods probably affect the same thing or conflict with other big mods, and they are worthless to enable it together.
You may only notice it if you know the technical side of things.

I would say let small mods be small mods. So you can have an "a la carte" pick of mods.

Most of us VP modders care about balance, consistency, and a little bit of historical aspect. We usually set aside shiny random features for a properly balanced experience.

Also, some of the big mods already cover your needs.

Need more wonders? Play with More Wonders for VP and disable all other single wonder addition mods.
Expanded military? Why not try to play with More Unique Components, Enhanced Naval Warfare, and Enhanced Air Warfare mods?
More variety of resources? Even More Resources already cover your need.

This thread will collect all mods you play and some of the modmodders here will give you the recommendation based on what mods you usually play.
Iska's Governments (v 1) works, but there's some text errors, including the requirement for the Republic government. Some of the non-compatible mechanics like Devotion and State Religions are still in the mod despite it being omitted.
I have tested many mods during the years I have been playing VP, these are the ones I am currently using:

(text) Promotion Overhaul for VP (v37) - Great UI mod for clarity on promotion texts
(ui) Meaningful Colours (v 13) - Another great UI mod that makes it easier to distinguish between city-states
(ui) Trade Opportunities for VP (v12) - Generates a list of available resources from other civs, essential when playing with the Netherlands
Religion - Recurring Purchase Notify (v 1) - Essential mod that adds a notification each time you have enough faith for a missionary/inquisitor/building, prophet, GP, etc. Sadly I cannot make it work with the latest versions of VP. :undecide:
Commander Influence Borders for VP (v1) - Nice UI mod to tell if a unit is being boosted by a GG/GA
Historical Religions Edit (BNW or GK) (v 45) - Adds 13 new religions for a total of 26
Improved City View (v 20) - Essential UI mod for easier control of production focus and specialists
Quick Turns (v 10) - Essential if you like to play with combat animations on
Sukritact's Civ VI Style City Names (v 1) - Slightly randomizes city name generation to avoid seeing the same names over and over again due to how Civ 5 assigns city names
UI - Small Resource Icons (v 4) - Cleans up the map
InGame Editor+ - Edit anything, can be used to fix certain bugs
(CulDiv) (Art) Splash Screens - Adds new era splash screen based on civ culture group, very flavourful
City-State Leaders for VP - Nice flavour mod
Music Changer - Simple button to skip the current song, just make sure to edit the UI xml file to adjust the position

Better Lakes for Vox Populi (v 2.5) - Makes lakes more interesting
Global - Faith Purchases in Puppets (v 1) - Allows you to purchase some units/buildings with faith in your puppet cities
RemoveBanLuxury (v 1) - Makes world congress sessions much more intense
(over) More Unique Components for VP (v 86) - Essential mod, takes gameplay to a whole new level, can't imagine playing without

New Civs:
Cambodian Civilization for VP (v17) - Fun civ to go crazy with wonders and great engineers
Colonialist Legacies' - Phillipine Republic for VP (V12) - Cool civ similar to Portugal but encourages you to trade with others civs instead of city-states
The Goths for VP - Fun civ similar to France/Aztecs that can snowball very hard, it even has an animated leader screen!

Mods I have tried but don't personally use:
Enhanced Air Warfare - Too many new units, I felt I needed to upgrade every couple of turns
Enlightenment Era VP - Used this one for a long time until I realized it only makes the game longer without really adding anything new. Also I found too many inconsistencies and conflicts.
More Wonders for VP - Too many wonders, too many crashes :confused:
Unique City States VP - Very fun, but I felt the balance was off
Even More Resources for VP - Very cool but I found it to have too many compatibility issues, might give it a second try soon
(7) Community Events - I like the event system but there isn't a lot of compatiblity with new civs and sometimes the events didn't work
(CulDiv) (Art) Art Styles - Adds embarked unit and city models based on civ culture group. (Update: It is a nice mod but it increased crash frequency)

Current and future testing:
Non-Randomized AI Decisions - Makes the AI make better choices on lower difficulties
Hex Conquer for VP - Can conquer enemy hexes on certain conditions
Natural Wonders Icons Remain Visible - I have embarassingly missed some natural wonders due to them being too similar to normal terrain (I'm looking at you, Old Faithful) Does not work.
CowWarrior's Resource Filter - Tool to find resources in the map (it is missing the extra resources from VP, but it is useful to find strategics and antiquity sites) Missing too many resources.

Thanks to all modders who take the care and time to publish and update their work!
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