Casual Terrain Plus for History Rewritten

Mr Smith

Dec 28, 2008
Moscow's suburbs
  • No "bad" terrain - Tundra is 1 food 1 commerce, Desert is 1 production 1 commerce, Marsh is -1 food +1 commerce, Sea/Ocean are 3 food 1 commerce with Harbor, extra commerce with Shipyard and Customs House
  • Smart Map script included and adjusted to the mod, rich in rivers and customization, can generate Earth or it's regions
  • Rivers no longer provide commerce, therefore Forest is -1 food +1 production since it has nothing to negate now and Jungle/Savannah are neutral now, Scandinavian UB is +15% commerce, Thai UB is +15% food
  • Draining swamps provides 40 production
  • Each population costs extra 0.05 commerce per civic, so 0.9-1.8 commerce total - this makes Slavery more viable and landgrabbing rush less
  • Subsistence allows tundra and plain -heavy starts to keep pace with floodplains and grassland, first 3 Labour civics are more or less equal with 1 improvement getting extra
  • Cities get extra yields instead of minimum
  • Most building are cheaper, I quite liked developers' design, but sinks kinda pile up even if you stick to necessities. Moving Palace is dirt cheap at 40 - was a useless feature and salted wounds of bad starts
  • Most early buildings except for military-ish can't be destroyed upon capture to make losses that tend to be heavier a bit more worth it
  • Most double culture times are 500 instead of 1000, for some later buildings/wonders it's 200 or even 100
  • Academy is only +50% science, but twice cheaper - it worsens snowballing on small maps a lot, especially if you have a city with high concentration of commerce
  • Scientist/Artist/Engineer trade 1 commerce for 1 production, Scientist converts extra 3 commerce into science for extra specialization, basic Citizen is 1 production 1 commerce 1 culture 1 faith, Priest is 1 commerce 1 culture 2 faith 2 happiness, Artist provides 1 happiness too. Great People are buffed
  • Lots of specialist slots added in general to lessen the impact of boni random and help economic leaders
  • Base food for growth is 17, step is 3 per level instead of 4 (2 in BTS) to bring Slavery back into the game and soften the impact from Granary nerf
  • Additionally, early units and some buildings get a discount for hurrying, bringing it close to original BTS value, Imperialistic is now a real military trait
  • Economic traits get production boost for fitting military units, Aggressive for melee and gunners (it was very weak compared to Martial, imo), Imperialistic for rams and siege towers. Humanist unlocks Society category, which allows them to draft. Philosophical provides Great General boost. Organized has maintenance reduction nerfed, but -25% promo cost. Protective gets Drill back. Diplomatic has +1 moves for spies and recons, also +10% science (still weak, but I'm out of ideas)
  • Saltpeter is revealed at Alchemy
  • Archers can be used offensively like weaker Skirmishers, Unique archers less pronounced (Nubian get no withdrawal chance). Skirmishers have ~40% withdrawal chance, collateral nerfed for unique
  • Promos adjusted accordingly. Drill1 is 1 FS chance 25% reduced collateral, drill2 is 1 FS. Woodsman3 heals less. At least one early UU per civ has inheritable promotion(s) now, so that civs with them don't fall behind too much, if they fail to seize the window of opportunity
  • 2 gold nerfed away from Aristocracy, get 1 culture instead. Democracy is down to 1 science. Political is still a decent (in terms of dissent - strong even) trait, now that they have alternative wincon
  • Creative and Industrious are +2 yield per culture level after first
  • Golden Age from Spiritual is nerfed to 50%, to compensate temples and monasteries are built twice as fast (tenet bonus is still only for state religion, so it's a cultural win/pressure thing)
  • All (unless I forgot something) unique units and buildings adjusted to be worth the title and so that no civ feels like an F-tier, some get hidden bonuses like cheaper upgrade (production bonus + higher cost)
  • Higher withdrawal for mounted, should be a key feature for unique Chariots, regular mounted should have worth investing into Flanking to counter first strikers
  • Some boni can spawn at flood plains, but improvements other than farms will remove FP. Flood plains are -0.5 health, so you trade 0.5 food for ramping dissent, but Slavery is around to make it worth for you now
  • Forts are decent improvements with Estate System and grow into Citadels even without tech (there's no requirement in this mod, unfortunately). I tried starting with Encampments, but AIs spammed them on every bonus and they kinda cost gold to build
  • Colossus is Great Library for merchants since sea is great for everyone now
  • Late unique National Wonders require earlier techs, NWs that have unique version are all 200-400 hammers
To install unpack into History Rewritten 1.25 folder.


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