Celestial Fortress


Rabbit, White

This is a building based on a D&D sketch by Jason A. Engle. It has smoke coming out of the chimney, and comes with a button. I encourage folks to provide their textures (and post them here) 'cause mine kinda sucks. :)


Enjoy :)
Maybe its just me but you should darken the smoke or make it denser since from the picture you provided its a little light. You should give your self some credit because your model looks great, other than the smoke I wouldn't change it.:)
Thanks. The smoke actually looks better (and is more obvious) when it's animated in game, and it goes fairly high so you won't miss it. :)
This is just a model, I don't provide any actual functionality (via XMLs), so you're free to do it with it whatever you like - make it a wonder, a civ specific building or whatever else.
Wonderful fortress WR, and may the saints bless you for thinking to include a button. :goodjob:
Would it be possible to have a version without the "spiderweb" design on the front?
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