chess program

I´m using an old DOS chess program, the AI is pretty good, but for playing I use a real chess board, too. It´s more overviewable. :D

Try this link for several different programs (Win,DOS,Mac...):
I am up for a game with anyone else who wants to play! Genghis is being nasty and I have wasted several moves...
Of course. Just ask for it ;) Beside GNU Chess for Macintosh, I also use Mac chess, which has quite a smart AI too. At least for me. Anyway, help yourself, GNU Chess is free, under GNU licence, though. But freeware anyway.

tip: the file is in sit format (Stuffit), but since this forum doesn't allow such format as enclosure, then I had to use a small trick. I renamed it as a zip file :D Clever idea eh? Anyway once you downloaded it, just rename it in .sit and unstuff it. That's all.
Wowowowow, downloaded times: 7. If it was you who did it 7 times then :lol:
Ok ok, I was just kidding a bit. But next time, all you have to do (if you're using Mac OS8 or later version) is to control-click and use the save as... option. That will spare you from wasting time :) It's true that IE for Mac is really bad...
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