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Cities: Skylines II


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Mar 17, 2007
Launching on October 24th, Cities: Skylines II is the successor to 2015's Cities: Skylines. It's published by Paradox, so hopefully this is the right forum for it.

Is anyone planning to pick it up at or near launch?

I'm curious about it but wasn't as big of a fan of the original as of Sim City 4, so I'll probably wait to see the reviews. That said, it looks promising, with its greater scale, and hopefully better indications of which Chirps are important and which aren't.

I'll be curious to hear about differences in general as well. My top 4 things to change would be:

1. Chirper. Too many chirps, and too many unimportant chirps. SC4's advisor + marquee model, IMO, struck a better balance.
2. How buildings are unlocked by city size, with no flow of years like Sim City had. Don't think this is changing but will be curious if it is an option.
3. Density of buildings. IMO, large buildings always had oddly low populations of residents/workers in the original. This might be changing with the improved simulation depth?
4. "Difficulty"/availability of funds. I'd love to have a "hard mode" as I always seemed to have too much revenue and not enough challenge in the original.

I'll also be curious to hear about the mix of transit options available at launch. They seemed kind of scattered across DLCs in the original, with the Mass Transit DLC having the quirky options like blimps but not more common ones like trams, which were in Snowfall. Which is another thing I'd like to see - seasonal changes, not just "always snow" or "never snow". At least if there's snow at all. Which I'd be fine having as a DLC, but only if the seasons can change.

So, any guinea pigs on the 1.0 version? Honestly it's pretty impressive how well the original did, from a new studio. It's exciting that Colossal Order is now launching a refreshed version, with years of experience and likely a much larger team behind the new version as well.
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