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Cities with both lakes and sea


Sep 11, 2023
I just noticed that while a city built on a lake cannot create naval units, a city that has access to both sea and lake squares can create ships that can sail inside the lake as well. Enemy cities inside the lake cannot react to that. In the boardgame scenario I am playing, this is quite funny because ships can then pass from lake to lake to the whole map (which is a repetitive pattern of a pangea full of lakes and "islands" connected with narrow strips of land).
I am also wondering what happens with commercial docks and offshore platforms...At least the lake squares didnt get a third food from the harbor, lol.
Commercial Docks and Offshore Platforms are also tagged as "Coastal installations" (in the Editor), so the same rule applies to them as for Harbors: they can only be built next to saltwater -- which the game defines as any water-tile which is part of a water-body >20 tiles in area, and therefore giving 1 base food rather than 2.

As far as I remember, like the +1 food from the Harbor, the +1 commerce and the +1 shield from the CD and OP also only applies to the saltwater tiles.

The presence of a freshwater lake on the other side of a landbridge is only relevant to the town in the sense that it won't need an Aqueduct to reach Pop7+, and would be able to build a Nuclear Plant (requires adjacent freshwater), but likely not a Hydro Plant (requires a nearby river).
These are in principle very nice sites for a town. In a wet warm setup, starting away from the Equator has very nice boni, also, you're faced with a lot of such scenarios and you don't have that much jungle or marsh to clear, provided of course you start far from the equator.
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