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Lets see what Aztec does. I suspect he will send Jags to Babylon to try to kill the skirms which will leave egypt weaker. That decision can wait until close to the time you are ready to move out.
Henge chopping plan - 2 Workers (using new worker & Copper worker as they will be available for movement next turn)

Turn 1: 6 hammers+5 overflow = 11 (workers move)
Turn 2: 11+6 hammers = 17 (chops turn 1)
Turn 3: 17+9 hammers (size 4) = 26 (chops turn 2)
Turn 4: 25+9+26 from chops = 61 (chops completes) Slave for 1 pop

Chopping with all 3 would delay the road to the new city while avoiding slaving but taking 1 more turn. Since cap grows slow quickly and Henge would be delays it is not worth it.

The worker on the hill will move to road to the new city.
How many hammers is the Henge on these settings?

Note that when slaving, the current turn's production (including chops) doesn't count towards the total or affect how much population you need to slave it. So if your chops finish the same turn that you plan to slave, they won't reduce the amount of population you need to slave it.

So finishing the chops on turn 4 and slaving the same turn doesn't make much sense unless you're intentionally going for the gold overflow? Might be better to slave on turn 5 (so the chops have already been added to the hammer count before slaving) or maybe move 2 workers onto the same forest and get 1 chop on turn 3, so you can (maybe) still slave on turn 4.

I agree that anything which delays completion is a bad idea though. Missing out by one turn would be disappointing.
Henge is 80 hammers, but you cannot slave for one pop at 19 hammers remaining since there is hammer penalty in slaving wonders.

But you are size 3 so should be making 9 hammers per tun not 6...

So...if you move your 2 workers next turn and continue roading with one on copper

Turn 1: 9 hammers+5 overflow = 14 (1 worker moves)
Turn 2: 14+9 hammers = 23 (chop1 turn 1, 1 more worker moves)
Turn 3: 23+9 hammers = 32
Turn 4: 32+13 from first chop (size 4) = 54
Turn 5: 54+9+13 from second chop= 76

4 hammers missing...

So you either slave last turn or chop with third worker as well or grow size 4 and use more tiles.

You are 3/17 food, by working 1 food tile the copper and the mine you are at +5 food and need 3 turns for size 4.

So turn 4 and 5 you will be size 4 you can then work a forest hill to get the extra 4 hammers needed so you don't need to slave nor use all 3 workers.

but if you move your copper worker now and then the other 2 next turn

Turn 1: 9 hammers+5 overflow = 14
Turn 2: 14+9 =23
Turn 3: 23+9+13 from hammers (size 4) = 45
Turn 4: 45+11+26 from from other chops = 82

so by using 3 workers and mine you get hendge one turn earlier..I think it is best.
Indiansmoke - I saw your note about switching worked tiles in Ulundi with the new pop growth; would it be better to go ahead and whip the granary there instead? I can whip for 2 pop this turn but only 1 pop next turn.
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