Civ 2 Playstation 1 version is it available on pc? or can it be converted to Android?

Zombie Horde

Sep 16, 2022
I started playing civnet many years ago then bought Civ2 for the playstation (see video .... ahhhh that glorious brain scratching tune!) and would love to see the playstation version on pc or even better on android.
Are there any conversions of the playstation version of civ 2 about?
I want to enjoy civ 2 on the move and also annoy those little twonks who play lame rap music (pre 2005) really loud on the back of buses, i can then throw my civ 2 themetune beats there way and show them what REAL music sounds like :D

I muck around with the Playstation version of Civ2 on my PC via the ePSXe emulator occasionally as emulation is the only way you'll be able to play it on PC.

An interesting alternative in the making is in this thread I made:

In there you'll see I found that a fellow named Wiron has recently successfully converted the Playstation graphics into the PC version of Civ2, although sadly he only did basic terrain and nothing else. However as you'll see later in the thread I was able to successfully extract the city, unit & extra terrain data from the Playstation version. So at some point I'll see about converting them into the PC version and finishing what Wiron started. I want to finish and release some of my other bigger mods first though so don't hold your breath waiting lol!
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