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Civ 2 can be played on an Android system

With 7700+ readers of this topic, that indicates a genuine desire to still play Civ 2 after more than 20 years and maybe that should have a more addressed focus as millions have Androids and Iphones.

With dosbox and emulation and partitioning, millions using laptops might play Civ 2 especially the ToTTP scenarios out of the Scenario League.
Someone just pmed me, a super nice person who has been very helpful, and discussed why bother making a mod over the last 9 months for Civ 2 MGE? After all it came out in 1996. Well I would say when 7900 people are also trying to run Civ 2 on a tablet then that clearly indicates a desire for retrogaming.

In fact that is the whole reason Dosbox got popular because thousnds are playing old games. In fact, the venerable Fallout game and those mods are incredibly popular.

I think there are a lot of old and new gamers who would play Civ 2 now if the process was demystified. Some Civ 2 mods are BETTER than any Android games today.

You can buy an old laptop but will it keep working? I doubt it as that gear is ancient. Even new computer users have trouble getting Civ 2 to work.
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This may help some folks. It would put a Windows 3.11 version on an Android tablet or similar, then you would port over your Civ 2, then run it that way.

I once got something like this to work. It's my fallback position so I can both run Civ 2 and edit things like the cities.gif, the units.gif, and terrain.bmp resources using Paint Shop Pro. It also wouldn't have the higher requirements of a Windows XP partition.

It's not as reactive for game play as emulation, but this means the Civ 2 utilities made by the community would work.
For some reason, I guess that most folks here do not comprehend that running Civ 2 MGE on a tablet or Ipad is considered the "holy grail" and there are countless inquiries on Reddit on how to accomplish this. Why? Because retrogaming is HUGE (not just GOG which is extremely popular but 75 large sites) and has been huge for years as devices allowed portable gaming that was complex.

The whole reason Aemula was made was to facilitate Civ 2 use and mods. That is the untapped market. An ap made strictly to create a Windows 3.11 partition just to accommodate this deep desire. Thousands and thousands of people want this.

What happened was very low end Kindles and Nooks were sold to millions who could not justify a full blown tablet. These are for reading ebooks but have internet use and apps. Well then the version of Linux was suffice to handle running Civ 2 but the process was cryptic. Then a Kindle becomes almost a full tablet and some people "root" them and a cheap device really is close to a tablet.

That will affect anyone who like the Civ series. It has been since 2012.
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Theres another option to run civ2 on Android and i think it may be the Best one, since it allow the user to make its own layout with personalized buttons, and even using layers for this buttons, instead of using a physical keyboard or a emulated windows keyboard. I have been using it to play civ 1 and so far it has worked great. Is called magic dosbox. Its based on dosbox 0.74, i havent tried to setup civ2, since like dosbox it requires first the install of win95 and then run civ2 over it. Here are two screenshots of how it looks. If some1 wants to try it.

Thats the main layout, with the joystick you move ur units as using ur numpad. The joystick is also used to move the screen like you would do using ur mouse, you just toggle between one function or the other. Theres also the option to swipe in the direction you want to move your screen, if you press the center of the joystick it centers the screen in the active unit.


This is one of the layouts with the most used commands, but as i said you can modify this to suit your needs. In fact the whole layout was created by a guy in the magic dosbox Forum. And i just made Minor modifications.


Its also posible to create shortcuts to documents related to the game for easy access.


And of course theres a keyboard for those commands that are not used that often and are not worth the space in the main layer


Im not in any way related to the magic dosbox developer, nor trying to advertise his product. But im certainly sure, this app is the Best option to emulate many dos and win9x games. Like a year ago i tried dosbox turbo, to run civ1 and honestly got pretty disapointed, since playing it, feelt really weird. Like 2 months ago tried magic dosbox, because one friend told me about it, and now i wonder why there is no a good port of civ 1 for Android, i mean if its possible to emulate civ 1, and im pretty sure civ2, (since theres people already emulating games like doom, comandos, age of empires, dungeon keeper, etc) Why there is not already a good android port of many games of that time, including of course civ series. Im pretty sure that once it gets possible to run win98 in Android with good perfomance once smartphones get that powerfull it could be very posible to play civ3 on emulators like this.
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Its been a few years. Any new options for playing on Android?

Also, tip for using tottp: ToTTP has an ini file, so if you install ToT and ToTPP on your computer, set your desired ToTPP settings on the computer (which saves to an ini file), then copy the whole microprose folder over to your device, the ini settings will automatically apply when you load up ToT on your device, even if the totpp.exe itself doesnt work :)
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