Civ 4 beyond the sword version 3.19


Jul 15, 2014
I have installed a CD version on a laptop that has windows 7 I got the game installed and able to play I have noticed it says I have version 3.17 how do I get 3.19 version installed I download it but it won't install, I noticed when I take cities I don't get the option to examine the city to see if I want to keep or raze can the 3.19 give me that option or did the mod I had on my pc desktop game have that, I reinstalled the game from CD to a laptop it runs fine I just like to have that option when I take cities


Feb 24, 2014

first of all, I wondering that version 3.17 does run on a patched Windows 7. This executable contains need this nowadays non-working driver for copy protection. So you
a) not use an up to date OS
b) already use a part of 3.19, but it shown 3.17 or
c) fixed the driver problem by re-activate manually the old driver?!

Then, just as reference for other readers, here is a link to a Mirror of Patch 3.19. I think on some OS the patch can still be installed as expected. (At least with Wine ^^).

And finally for users like you, with this installation issue, I created a Zip file with the content of Patch 3.19.
You can use this for a installation by hand. You need to copy the content of 'Assets' into the Civ4 assets folder,
Warlords\Assets into the Warlords-Addon assets folder and so on.
Moreover, the zip also contain the patched executable, Civ4BeyondSword2015.exe, which resolves multiplayer connecting issues and gives you back access to the old 'Gamespy' multiplayer lobby.
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