[G&K] Civ 5 Multiplayer Mods Workaround bug: unit do not move


Apr 10, 2023
Hello. I need help, I'm playing with Multiplayer Mods Workaround mod.
When I do everything according to the instructions (and it works, mine is in multiplayer, everything is fine) but I can't move the units. I can pledge them to do nothing or sell them, but I can't use them on the map.
I also have a couple of other mods, but the problem is that when I disabled them and did everything again, the problem did not disappear.
What shall I do?
I apologize for the thread necro; however, this post was among the top results when investigating this same problem, and nothing is so infuriating as trying to solve a problem, finding somebody with the exact same problem, and seeing no responses, no help, and no solution.

Courtesy of a couple reddit threads, I found a "fix" that resolved the inability to move units--it seems to be related to EUI. It seems what you must do is remove / delete WorldView.lua at ( steamapps/common/civ5/assets/dlc/UI_bc1/InGame/WorldView.lua ). Removing that file alone resolved my issue.

For LekMod, related to the NQMod folks, also deleting InGame.lua at that same file location may also be required.

Hope that helps folks going forward!
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