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Civ 6 vs. Civ 5 in regards to future 7

Civilization 6 was a bit boring. I thought civilization 5 was better because civilization 4 was interesting. However, after time passed by it got kind of boring. In civilization 4, that wasn't the case. Baba Yetu was such a great song, and the introduction was good. The expansion was even better, bringing back a lot of good civilizations. Civilization 5 however was good too. I used to be on it all the time and I even got to dominate civilization 5 on the Immortal level and got to beat it on Deity once. Civilization 6 however got kind of boring. I just wasn't into it anymore given the circumstances that happened in my life. I was too busy trying to focus now so much that I didn't have time to play civilization anymore... Civilization 6 had its expansions, the TLCs and all these leaders that I haven't even used. What's the point of having a long list of leaders if you aren't even going to use them?
There's this passage in the song that's in a foreign language, Italian where it says 'Riempendo l'universo' but in the English translation it is saying 'Filling the universe', I had to look up the lyrics because it sounds like its saying 'mi perverso universo' in Spanish which means 'my perverted universe'. I'm probably letting go of Sid Meier's... Why get civilization 7 if I don't even have the time to play it anymore? I sucked anyways, I did get nuked online once, I can't even pass emperor and then taking the turns got so boring in prince because its so peaceful... I could just watch twitch and see if its good when it finally comes out.
What I do like however, is the multiplayer play... You can play up to 10 players on this thing which is awesome. I used to do that on civilization 4. I didn't really do that in civilization 5 and instead focused on going single player and dominating better. I understood civ 5 better than civ 4 and civ 6 so much that I used to dominate online as well. I used to attack and get players to quit so bad that no one wanted to play with me anymore. Now that I'm on civilization 6 there's up to 10 players, again like civ 4, where eventually a few quit and the game keeps going for a while. I mean it's fun, but it just takes about 2-3 hours of gameplay. I simply don't have time for that. I have to go and unfortunately, I also leave the game early. Not only that I'm not that good, I also get dominated and attacked early and I'm not prepared so I quit.
These are just a few thoughts of mine that come to my head about civilization 5 and 6. I don't really act upon them though.
I feel pretty much the same than you, except that I have a loooooot of time. Probably too much to feel challenged and get this challenge done. I suck too at Civ6, beat Deity only once (or twice... or so). But I sucked at Civ5 too, beat Deity only once. I sucked at Civ4 too, never even tried Deity IIRC. But in Civ4 (and Civ3) I had a whole lot of fun with multiplayer. The tight turn timer made it crazy to move all my war chariots and conquering all my neighbours. (at once !) Man, this is so good memories. Civ3 multi was good too. (minus the ICS) Those multi were so good that i bought Civ5 for the multiplayer (because Steam only), and was massively disappointed. That's why I didn't buy the expansions nor Civ6. (got it for free in EGS anyway) I didn't realize it previously, but it appears that my main engagement in the series is the multiplayer ! I guess it's a relic of Civ2 being too easy in single player. (not to mention that multiplayer was THE Graal at the beginning of the millenia, for me at least. But Physics made exploits in most games unfair and annoying (Duke Nukem), so I only sticked to Civ)
Air power was never right, 4 had it where they hopped all over the place that made them better but that system would make sense with city-states. Why civ6 had silos but not city-state airbases still blows my mind

On city-states I think they should be more interesting. They should be powder kegs that start crises like Massina kicking off the Punic War or like today where the great powers have to deal with small powers and all their issues
would like city-states have more personality like rich states, radical states, unstable ones, and the like

Agree world congress is tacked on and annoying, especially without a screen showing all the alliances and relations

Trade routes can be fun but you never get the global trade feel. Like you get oil you pretty much don't want to trade it to anyone but clearly that's a global resource so having it should give some benefits but you should also want to sell it to get real rich
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