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Civ3mod mod

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Completed Modpacks' started by Chieftess, May 7, 2002.

  1. Chieftess

    Chieftess Moderator Retired Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
    Not sure if this is the right area for this mod, but here's the description..
    (It's my first mod, too)

    Civ3mod.bic v 1.00


    This mod changes some of the default settings quite dramatically. This was an attempt to create realism and challenge. Major changes are in corruption, bombard units, and pre-req. resources for gun-units.


    * Corrutpion Levels -

    Chieftain - 20%
    Warlord - 60%
    Regeant - 100%
    Monarch - 140%
    Emporer - 180%
    Diety - 200%

    * Unit Changes

    Gun Units (Riflemen, Marines Paratroopers, Musketmen,Artillery, etc. now require Iron and Saltpeter. Some that require 2 resources (Oil, Rubber) will also require just Salpeter. This makes for more of a challenge if you lack the resources. Missles don't require saltpeter, as they use chemicals.

    Ships and Planes now require iron (to make steel).

    War Elephants require ivory (elephant tiles).

    Man-O-War has a zone of control

    All bombard units have lethal land and sea bombardments.

    Horses have an apperence ratio of 300, and disappearence probability of 2400 (to simulate movement of a pack of wild horses due to civiliztion encroucement).

    Appearence of oil has be increased to 180, and commerce to 5 (to simulate oil-rich regions).

    Ivory has an appearence of 260 (elephants), and disappearence of 700 (simulating poaching).

    * Improvement Changes

    Temples and Cathedrals require Incense, and both reduce corruption.

    Hospitals and the Longevity wonder remove population pollution.

    All religous wonders (except Colossus and Pyramids) reduce war weariness.

    The Manhattan Project causes 2 unhappiness in all cities, and 2 in the city that it's built. (i.e. "No More Nukes!")

    A nuclear plant causes one unhapiness in that city.

    A courthouse and policestation makes one person happy in that city.

    The prerequisite for horses is Horseback Riding.

    Attached Files:

  2. MonkeyPaw

    MonkeyPaw Chieftain

    Apr 20, 2002
    I've thought of this before, too, and it seems to make sense- but I decided it's unfair to the Indian civ. Ivory just isn't as spread out as Iron, Saltpeter, etc.

    Just my thought on it.
  3. damunzy

    damunzy recovering former mod Retired Moderator

    Oct 29, 2000
    NJ, USA
    If the unit is a civ's UU shouldn't they be ableto make it without resources? I mean, if they didn't have it available in the first place why could they develope it? ;)
  4. Plexus

    Plexus Architeuthidae puericomedentis

    Dec 29, 2001
    S. Calif., U.S.A.
    Now that isn't fair.

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