Civ6 Full Screen Mac Issues

2017 iMac on Mojave. The game appears to be running very smoothly in full screen Metal now. Open GL is now a stuttering mess whereas before 1.30 I could still play fullscreen Open GL without a performance hit. Not a problem if Metal full screen keeps performing fine all the way through the game I am currently playing. And Metal is the future for Apple. If all goes well I might buy the New Frontier Pass soon.
2016 MacBook Pro. Able to play full screen on Metal but it is a mess with graphics problem - straight and wriggly lines all over. And it crashes when launching a game.
2011 MacBook Pro (Catalina) - same problem as previous poster. Can only start a Metal game if I’m in window. Open GL is still as stuttering as ever.
Been playing on my iMac using Bootcamp and Win10 for a couple of weeks but decided to come back to get real work done. Of course, after downloading the Civ6 updates I discovered its fubared for full screen play again (works fine in Win10). Basically, when the start screen launches I see no controls on my iMac and cut off controls on my MBP!

In trying to troubleshoot I discovered the Metal vs OpenGL options are now missing from the launcher app with only Windowed/Full Screen options left. Windowed mode works fine if you can ignore the wasted space at the top of your screen, but Full Screen mode obscures/loses the main window controls and remaps the control's active region downward about 1 in.

Next, I disabled all my mods to see if any of those made a difference and of course, none did.

As a final step, I opened the ~/Library/Application Support/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/AppOptions.txt file and reset the option:

30 ;0 : windowed, 1 : fullscreen, 2 : windowed with no title bar
31 FullScreen 1


30 ;0 : windowed, 1 : fullscreen, 2 : windowed with no title bar
31 FullScreen 2

without effect.

So, no full screen mode for me unless I want to play the Win version. As a former Mac developer I'm at a loss as to why this is so hard to get right. Kind of understand the metal/opengl issues, but Apple has built in full screen window support within the OS via the green option button present in every window, yet its not enabled for the user!

This is just getting real old and annoying!


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Full screen Metal works to some extent under MacOS Catalina (I’m using an eGPU but it works on my MBP Radeon 5500M although the fans do spin up). Civ 6 does occasionally crash, or worse freeze up the GPU requiring a reboot, but I can get sometimes 10–30 turns in.
Argh! Think I found my problem.

While awaiting cataract surgery I had boosted the Display size from Default to 1536x960 for easier screen reading. Switching back to Default allows Civ6 to run in full screen mode again and show all its options on the start screen.

Had totally forgotten I'd made the screen swap, so user error here.

Guess I'll be filing a bug on this.
Just downloaded the latest system update Catalina 10.15.7 with a fix for reported graphic issues on iMac 2020's. After 100 turns I've only seen one small glitch (a semi-transparent unit). Will continue testing but so far Civ6 with latest update( (204200) Metal) is running better than before. At least I don't have to swap to Bootcamp to play now.

Grab update via System Preferences > Software Update panel.
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