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Mar 5, 2001
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I am planning on playing games of MP on the weekends.

I would like to get a group of people together to play on Friday (nights), Saturdays or Sundays (Mornings).

Those of you who want to MP, post your interest here...

I don't care if you have EVER played it before, but I would like to drum up interest for more games. And also try and finish games (With replacements or originals)

So, post your interest and questions here...

Remember, everybody USED to be a newbie... Once you've played that title goes away.:)
Then you need some way to get in touch with people...

I suggest ICQ. (Many players use this)

Once you get ICQ, I can set you up with a few contacts, and then we can play.

Add me to your ICQ and then we can get together.

Come'on multiplayers!!! Where are you?
I just discovered this site... finally I can play the coolest game with humans. No idea how this thing gets set up, but im: aveimperatrix or email
I'm ready to play
For those who are also interested in setting up multiplayer games, check out the civilization II gold multiplayer room in the zone. That's It's a quick way to meet many players who share the same enthusiasm about this great game.

Keep civ alive!
I don't have multiplayer civ2, although it has always been a DREAM of mine to play any civ against humans. I think it would be unreal; I'd jones after it.

But owing to a small personal recession, I am still waiting months later than planned for the shiny new computer and the shiny new home net hookup, which I'm certain will be in place by March 15 at the latest.

So let me try to solve that problem FFox, and then someday soon I will be there to let you kick my ass.

PS how is Civ2 on Windows XP? Any issues? 'Cause that's what I'm likely to be playing on.

I don't know on XP, but on Millenium it works fine... Just too bad nothing else does...

Anyone who reads this thread and wants to MP: DOWNLOAD ICQ!!! If you don't it will be difficult to find players, (Unless you go to the zone). Expand your ability to find games!!!
YEAH! I have MGE... and ICQ. Once I get my PC back I can play. WHich will be in less than a week...

I royally suck at multiplayer, and will be killed immediately, but I will give it a shot.

I have XP and Civ2 works on that in both SP and MP.

[The only problem i had was in applying the patch
as it would not self execute so I copied patched
executionable over from old Windows 95 PC.
It works fine, but doesn't see it.
Oddly I can't get later made TOT to work at all.]

hey i am new at the game but would like to give it a shot.
i dont know what i am doing and will lose but oh well
I'd be interested. PM me hereif u have something definite - otherwise reach me on AIM or Yahoo IM on a more sporadic basis. Im also in the zone alot.
I'd be interested but I'm not so good with the tech end of setting anything up. And, I am a not the greatest civ player but am game for learning. I don't know icq or anything but I do have civII gold. Just let me know what I have to do and next the first weekend in March is good for me. thanks in advance
Because then you have the best chances of running into players.

You will also need to patch your MGE, you can find the patch here.

You can find games at the Msn Gamng zone also.

P.S. How far Upstate are you... Like WAAAYYY upstate like me? :)
Ok, got that icq thing but i don't know, i don't think it is working right. But, am game for next weekend folk. and to answer you question, the beautiful capital district *insert sarcasm here* not from this state. thanks.
Tonight I'll be on around 1830-1900 my time.

ICQ me if you are interested in playing.

It will be King-1x1-Small-Medium Map.

Do not be intimidated, just ICQ me or even post your interest here... I will probably pop in the zone too, just in case there is any refugees in there!
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