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[CTP] Civilization Call To Power Intro & all Wonder Videos 4K upscale from rare DVD version


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Sep 24, 2016
Many CTP fans may not know that there was a special limited edition DVD release of Civilization Call to Power 1 that contained higher resolution and quality cutscenes, however rather weirdly the video files came separately on the disc and did not work in-game. A couple of years ago Youtube user TheResistance made a cool 1440p upscale video of these rarely seen higher quality videos that came out pretty good however he has just recently released brand new better 4K upscale and like with most AI upscales it's not perfect but the results are pretty darn good!

Some screens I took while watching...
1713162333155.png 1713162384787.png
1713162429542.png 1713162459964.png
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It's kinda interesting how some of the future wonders are now a thing. Like The Agency is what the NSA is eventually is now, Global E-Bank is crypto currency, and Nanopedia is essentially Amazon's Alexa.
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