Civilization's 30th birthday contest: Give Civ a present, get one back!

Civilization - the game that never ends
one day I started playing civ 1 not knowing what it was
and it just went on and on my friends
1, 2, 4 three was a bore

Ack I can't play turns it burns
good thing I wrote stories on
Civ-fanatics forum

5 one unit per tile ...
well that makes me smile

yeah that gives me my fix

Beyond Earth
well I guess its still Zakharov first

Civilization its the game that never ends

Civ 20
VR beginning?

Civ 300
Buy a planet
Can you run it?

Civilization its the game that never ends
I started playing it not knowing what it was
now it just goes on and on my friends!
The great Civ question:

Have much fun with Civ 1.
A good game true is Civ 2.
Best game easily is Civ 3.
One turn more, play Civ 4.
Still alive is Civ 5.
Get your kicks with Civ 6.
Gamer´s heaven in Civ 7 ?
Okay, September is now definitely over everywhere on this planet.
Thanks for all the submissions :hatsoff:, we'll decide about the winners and make the random draw within the next 2 weeks :).
Aaaaand we have decided.
It wasn't easy, although some entries were higher ranked than others.
What we didn't expect was though that we would mainly get poetry entries, which made selecting the poetry prize a bit difficult. Since the winning entries are on the same level as the poetry prize, we'll also award a merchandise package to this one.

The winners of the main prizes, 1 copy of Old World from Mohawk Games (sponsored by Mohawk Games themself, thanks to @Dale and @Solver) and a Civ merchandise package, are:

The winner of the poetry prize, a Civ4 Deluxe version (not anymore available anywhere), and also a merchandise package is:

The winners of the random draw (a Civ steam version of their choice) are:

We will contact everyone soon to organize that you get your prizes.

Thanks everyone for participating :hatsoff:.
Wow! Did not expect to win, but thrilled. Glad to help celebrate a game that changed my life. :)
I'm very honored to be amongst the winners of this competition. I must admit I wasn't expecting to be a serious contender : I simply wrote some modest senryus that came to my mind in the hours after it started. The format of the senryu, contrary to the haiku, is more open in terms of thematics, and so it helped me writing things down fast. Thus I would like to give a tribute to all other participants who worked with their heart and tried to obey to perhaps more restrictive formats : this competition was for me a good occasion to see the creative aspect of the civ community outside of modding.

Thank you very much to all those who took time to organize and supervise this heartfelt competition. Also, shoutout to the Vox Populi subcommunity who truly made me a civ fanatic. ;)
I think it might be not be very prudent to base this on only these few entries, but it's maybe valid to mention that poems at the end are based on a very defined, logic system, which is less the case for some other art forms. So maybe you're right ;).

Yes, there will :).
Tomorrow this will go on the main page, and the winning entries will be put on Twitter (as image, since all are too long for 140 characters) over the next days.

-> Change of plan, since it got later for me than expected :/. Tomorrow general announcement, the days after separate entries for the winners (also applies to Twitter, @Solver).
Congrats to the winners.

So this mean that civfanatics are better at poetry then drawing...
I will improve in drawing then we shall see if this statement is still true by then! >:]
And yeah!! Congrats to the winners!!!
-> Change of plan, since it got later for me than expected :/. Tomorrow general announcement, the days after separate entries for the winners (also applies to Twitter, @Solver).

The announcment is on the main page and Twitter. In the coming days we'll also post the winning poems there :).

We're also organizing the prizes, some have already been redeemed, some not, and some complications have arisen :lol:, but we're trying to fix them.
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The last piece my @Romegypt is now also featured on the main page and on Twitter, .
He also has not yet logged back in to retrieve his prize, but since he's a long-time user, we're confident he'll come back ;).

With that we also conclude our competition here.
Thanks to everyone contributing, and also thanks to the other people involved in organizing, which are @Thunderfall, @Birdjaguar, @leif erikson and @lymond .
To another 30 years and more :).
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