combining mods & custom assets?


Jan 27, 2004
Shanghai, the Middle Kingdom
I just posted something on the "Civ4Lerts" forum about it not working on vanilla, and then I discovered that neither did "Better AI". When I was just about to give up, I decided to try something.

I auto-load The Lopez's Great Options Mod, because think it's simply a fantastic mod. I decided to turn it off, and I suddently realized that Both Civ4Lerts & Better AI work just fine.

They just don't work with another mod loaded.

So my question is... with no programming skills here, other than some web design, are these mods (and others) compatible/able to merge? Both those additions I believe would go well with Great Options. And I'm sure there are lots of other mods/assets out there that would do well with a merger or two.

Any suggestions?

Happy 4th to the Americans on here!

Edit: I later posted on the Civ4lerts page that it does indeed work.
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