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Communitu_79a terrain options


Dec 26, 2021
I'm about to set up a game as Korea on the v2.3.3 version of this map, and I was wondering if I could increase the amount of coastal (shallow ocean) tiles so that I could have more room to play with my turtle ships (using 3/4 UC mod) without them slowing down in deep ocean. Is there a way to do this with the sea level/rift width options?

As I understand it, the rift width option adjusts how far away the small islands/semi-separated continents are across water channels, but does making wider rifts mean you also get more coast tiles, or do you just end up with more deep ocean to cross?

Does changing the sea level also affect the width of coastal zones?

This would all be good stuff to know when I move on to naval civs like Indonesia or England.
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