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COTM 14 quick game - spoiler thread

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Quick Games' started by Theoden, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Theoden

    Theoden Deity GOTM Staff

    Sep 17, 2003
    This is the spoiler thread for the COTM 14 quick game. To qualify for this spoiler you must have played and submitted your game.

    As usual feedback also goes in this thread

    What did you do about your little petciv, Spain? Were you able to use the AI's to speed up research? Did you do any warmongering (despite the game not being designed to it)?
  2. Ronald

    Ronald Emperor

    Nov 5, 2001
    Vienna, Austria
    Fast research is one of my worst skills in Civ. So I took the opportunity to continue a game from the master. Dave is just incredible when it comes to fast research games. I am always in awe to see these games.

    First it took me a while to get rid of the governor. Since I never use it, I could not find how to turn it off, but finally I mastered that hurdle :D

    I decided to stop expansion and concentrate on the available cities. I have never switched so many specialists in my life. I learned quite a lot what you can do with them. At first I thought it would be impossible to generate more than 1000 beakers/turn, but at max. I could get to 1350.

    I kept Sumeria as my gold supplier and Netherlands and Scandinavia at the latest techs. My hope was that I could get replacable parts from them. 3 turns before I would have had to research it I got it. 4 saved turns.

    Apart from extensive micro managing nothing major happened.

    Got into modern age in 760 AD. For a quick game, it took me quite a while: more than 5 hours!
  3. ts64

    ts64 Chieftain

    Dec 5, 2004
    I liked this quick-game, although for me it wasn't very quick. I spent over 20 hours on it. Many trades, citys and workers to manage and many barb ships to enslave with MoW's. :D

    At first I had an overlook and saw that I needed more workers, so I changed most of the settler builds to workers. I need them to road and irrigate and rail road all science farms. I noted that DaveMcW had used the method of getting all the cash in the world for GPT so I decided to continue with that. In the introduction it said that my rep with Spain was destroyed so I killed them off ASAP.

    I decided to try to get the AI to research at least on required tech for me, most likely replacable parts, so when I learned electricity I traded it around.

    This also meant that I had to get them through their favorite junk techs, nationalism-communism-fascism, ASAP. So I traded around Nationalism as soon as I got it via trade, and when they learned communism and fascism I traded for that and distributed it immediately. Fortunately only Sumeria revolted to Fascism, the rest stayed in republic. Now I only had to do my part, and get the rest of the techs before RP was needed. I almost had given up hope when I had one turn left of flight and still no sign of it, I was quite happy when the Dutch learned it just when I would have had to start it myself.

    I used the armies to get a foothold on some of the barb islands, so I had the needed resources after a while.

    I got sneak attacked twice by the vikings, first time 360AD when they landed two warriors inbetween Dover and Birmingham. I hadn't changed the preferences so I almost didn't notice them :eek: . I didn't have any defense on that Island and I could only get one cav their in time, so i defended Dover and abandoned Birmigham. The warriors attacked the cav and lost. I made peace after a while and started trading with them, they where only annoyed during the war and became polite soon after.

    Second sneak attack came when they landed 4 cavs between Carlisle, Exeter and Ipswitch. I only had a rifle defending in Carlisle and couldn't reinforce it so I abandoned that and defended the other towns with infantry, I also had to block the space inbetween since we had a ROP, and they could use my rails. Since I easily could research the rest of the needed techs at four turn rate and only needed the luxes from the AI, I signed MPP with Netherlands and Sumeria, just for the fun of it. I defended sucessfully and after the attack I signed in Babylon aswell. As a side note, when I asked Babylon for MPP, after I just signed up the others for free, they where insulted, even though they where not any stronger than the others.

    After I was done with the game I checked with C3MT and saw that when I had set-up the AI's to reaserch rep parts all but Babylon did, Babylon researched democracy, and the Dutch were the fastest to reserch it, they needed 22 turns. :rolleyes:

    I wonder if DaveMcW had have a similar set up of the starting territory if he had gone for a fast reserch game and not for a 100k game?

    270AD steam Power, traded for Nationalism and Military tradition
    330AD Electricity
    360AD PP trade
    370AD Medicine
    410AD Scientific method, traded for Fascism and Communism
    460AD Industrialization
    500AD The corporation, trade for Democracy
    540AD Steel, ToE gives Atomic theory and Electronics
    580AD Refining
    620AD Combustion
    660AD Flight, traded for Replacable parts!!!!!
    700AD Mass production
    740AD Motorized Transportation
  4. ub40

    ub40 Chieftain

    Jun 30, 2002
    The plan:
    1. Go for Scientific Methods, to get the two technologies for free when building Theory of Evolution
    2. Micromanage: In towns with high corruption use scientists; in towns with low corruption build libraries, universities, aqueducts, and marketplaces.
    3. Build Newtons University in London.
    4. Sell and/or give away techs for free to the other nations to get help to research and get trading possibilities.
    5. Keep Spain alive to get lower research costs (don’t know for sure if this is true though :confused: ).

    The result:
    The plan worked fine with one exception. Unfortunately the other nations did not research a single required tech :cry: (they researched the following optional techs instead: FASCISM, COMMUNISM, ESPIONAGE, PRINTING PRESS, DEMOCRACY, SANITATION, IRONCLADS, ECONOMICS, and FREE ARTISTRY).
    I now realize (after reading ts64's post above) that is was a huge mistake to go for REPLACEABLE PARTS (instead of the INDUSTRIALIZATION path).
    Only two minor wars occurred:
    The initial war with Spain ended in Peace 370.
    Sumeria surprised attack 370 and took Norwich, peace was signed 100 years later.
    It took some time to get coal (a lot of barbs were protecting it).

    Research status:
    First turn (170 AD) - 714 Beekers per turn
    Last turn (750 AD) - 1410 Beekers per turn. London 213, Wolmer Green 102, Konigsberg 98, Nottingham 82, York 78)

    260 STEAM POWER (5 turns)
    300 MEDICINE (4 turns)
    360 ELECTRICITY (6 turns)
    400 SCIENTIFIC METHOD (4 turns)
    450 REPLACEABLE PARTS (5 turns)
    490 INDUSTRIALIZATION (4 turns)
    530 CORPORATION (4 turns)
    580 REFINING (5 turns)
    580 Build Theory of Evolution => ATOMIC THEORY and ELECTRONICS
    620 STEEL (4 turns)
    670 COMBUSTION (5 turns)
    710 MASS PRODUCTION (4 turns)
    790 FLIGHT (4 turns)

    I really enjoyed playing this game! :)

    Thanks to DaveMcW for supplying it!

    By the way: In the original COTM 14 game I had not even left the middle ages at 790 AD! :blush:
  5. Redbad

    Redbad should have shaved

    Jan 16, 2003
    Started this quickgame sunday and now I haven't time to finish it :blush:

    I reasigned a lot:
    London to building Newton's
    Non-corrupt cities to lib's, uni's and courthouses
    Some Corrupt cities to wealth and science-specialists
    Joined some settlers/workers to non-corrupt cities
    Disbanded temples, granaries, barracks to save upkeep

    Researching the upper regions of the IA, leaving Medicine and Electricity to the AI to research. Agressively gifting tech's to the AI. As soon as someone researched something, I traded for it and made sure everyone got it.
    Still the AI insisted on researching optional MA and IA techs.

    I couldn't avoid researching two techs at 6 turns and 4 techs at 5 turns. Now there are still a few hours to go, but I haven't time.

    Analysing the starting situation (as DaveMcW left it) I'm almost certain that Dave's speed is due to somehow getting the AI to research mandatory tech for him. In any case imho the starting situation wasn't really optimised for beakers.

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